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Fresh Xbox 720 Rumours – Mandatory subs and pricing

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Time for some fresh Xbox 720 rumours! We’ve got a date, we’ve got a plan and our damn dashboard won’t stop hyping the event now. So what do the latest rumours point to for the future of the Microsoft console? Subscriptions, selling price, operating systems and more!

Paul Thurrot, who has been regularly reliable so far with knowledge of the box, says that the early announce date of a date to reveal the new Xbox was done so that Microsoft could gain a better position over Sony and their Playstation 4.

Other details also include:

  • A full announcement on upcoming games and the console itself just before E3.
  • Pricing for the next Xbox will be in the same vein as the original Xbox 360, with the premium console retailing for $499, while a lighter version will sell for $299 that also requires gamers to sign up for a two year subscription to Xbox Live at $10 a month.
  • The next Xbox will have a Blu-Ray drive
  • The next Xbox will require an always-online connection, but it will not be as harsh as what gamers have been led to believe.
  • A launch date of November 2013
  • The next Xbox will run on a “Core” version of Windows 8
  • The plans for another Xbox console that would have been more of an entertainment device that had no gameplay capabilities, codenamed Yuma, are on hold for now.
  • A third Xbox 360 console will appear this year, codenamed “Sting-Ray”. This new version of the current console will be cheaper than current Xboxes, and will most likely be used to prolong the life of that console, much the same way that Sony kept the Playstation 2 around after the launch of the Playstation 3.

I think some fanboys are going to be more than just a touch livid over that possibly mandatory Xbox Live subscription for the cheaper console. But I do like that Microsoft is going to make an effort to keep the current Xbox 360 console alive.

It’s been around for quite a few years now, and the old girl still has some left in her.

Last Updated: April 26, 2013

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