Frozen is an excellent 8-bit game

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8 bit frozen

The Frozen trend is over, right? We’ve all moved on to other movies and soundtracks, I hope. But this remake of Frozen not only tells the whole story in three minutes, it also looks like a classic game that I would have loved.

The design really does look like so many games that I played back in the day, it’s brought back the nostalgia with full force. I know level design was silly and the graphics were lame, but I still love it. Really though, the best part of this video is hearing the Frozen soundtrack recreated in 8-bit musical styling. You probably won’t be able to let it go once you start watching.

Do you still have nice memories of 8-bit gaming, or do you sort of cringe and laugh at yourself for ever playing games that looked like that? So many indies are using the 8-bit style, it seems to be making such a comeback. I understand the appeal, and it definitely plays on my nostalgia, but I’m not too sure I’d like to see modern games going 8-bit.

I could imagine an awesome 8-bit version of Carrie doing really well, although I doubt Guardians of the Galaxy would transition nicely. Which movies do you think could take the 8-bit treatment? Do you want the trend to go mainstream, or should it just stay indie where it belongs?

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Last Updated: October 13, 2014

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