Gamerlobby Tournament Round 2 start. Ringside seats!

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By N van Wyk (Havok)


“A blow gets landed straight to the jaw of Rath and it almost takes his head clean off. Shaking it off, he jabs Raphamon with a left then a hook with the right and lands with a terrific thud to the lobe. Raphamon tumbles but gets up quick. Shoryuken! He misses and gets a kick in the groin, while tumbling to the floor he attempts to bite the foot of Rath but misses. And yes, we have the ringside referee throwing up a warning.

We will have none of that!

Hadoken! Hadoken!,Hadoken! We have those coming left right and centre folks! The trainer on ringside is making wild flailing movements with his arms it looks like he is getting probed by a ghost! An ULTRA following!! This is what he was signalling..It hits!! But Raphamon also hit with a Flaming Shoryken!! And both are down!! A cheer from the crowd goes up and a monkey falls in the water. Rath is still down .he is not getting up… he is moving though so all is good, Rath the winner of this fight.too bad he is not with us to see it!”


Yes, people – the Rising dragon punch! Its echo’s are still ringing in my ears.

Lot’s of fighters opting for Ryu or Ken in this competition. You see look-a-likes walking around all around the ring training rooms. Some competitors have gone so far as to dye their Ghi to stand out from the crowd a bit.
“I’m not dying mine” said one competitor who has a Ken style. “It’s red and it stays that way!” We know why.. It doesn’t show bloodstains as badly. We later spoke to his wife that said that she will not wash another bloodstained piece of clothing! So now we know.

With the first round over and the second round already in full swing things are going fast in this Street Fighter Tournament. Shoryuken!

There where rumours doing the rounds that some competitors might have come down with a severe case of the swine flu, “My compeshtitor didn’t even make it to the shring”said Zenfire still nursing a slur from his last bout. Now with a noticeably swollen knee and a blue eye from his last fight with Havok. I asked him if he was done for the tournament and this was the response. “Never! I’m having fun! Some of the audienshe, will have paid millionsh for the privileshge of seeing thish boy get beaten up. “. We wonder who would have gotten beaten up, but we are disappointed that there was no fight.

We don’t know why the competitors signed up – hell it was not cheap to be part of this elite tournament, but some people thinks that the food that some the fighters are getting has been poisoned. “The curry is off I tell you!” said theBannman that had yet to make an appearance with most of the fighters. “Can you imagine the mess if they hit my in the gut!?”

Dreaka and Warped Mind was seen having an argument outside the ring at one stage. Something about desecrating honour and not mixing styles. “Sort it out in the ring” said a fan and I think it echos the general consensus amongst other fighters and spectators alike. This is a match we will be sure not to miss.

Blaksun and Havok had a great fight. Havok who won comfortably in the first round was returned the favour when Blaksun Ko’d him in the 2rd round. Spectators where cheering and throwing what seemed to be eye patches into the ring. Blaksun clutched a sore rib but acknowledging the applause wholeheartedly. Concern was raised by his trainer about the ribs. “Tiger knee to the ribs. It will do this. Snapped it clean off! He will be ready for the next fight. He is the rookie of the tournament after all!” We hope so, we hope so too.

Rhamiz is fighting like he is possessed. Some industry insiders think he definitely needs to win this tournament to pay of his trainer debt. He has hired some of the best trainers in the world for this competition and it shows. Punches that hurt, blocks that make Fort Knox look like an open fish market, and some tie dyed threads makes him a crowd pleaser.

The second round is off to an epic start people with a lot of surprises already.

Look out for more match commentary in the following week.

I’m Blackie Toothgrin for Spectator News signing off till next time!
So long folks!

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Last Updated: June 2, 2009

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