Gaming in Color comes out of the closet

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Gaming in color

Gamers come in all shapes, sizes and orientations. If people didn’t already know that, they’ve obviously been living in a cave or closet somewhere. A community of gay gamers have made a movie and it’s finally ready for your eyes.

Started as a Kickstarter project, Gaming in Color explores the LGBTQ presence in the game industry. It aims to give a voice and message to people who have experienced discrimination or abuse in gaming culture, and looks at the challenges to, as well as growth within, the queer communities in gaming. Here is the movie’s trailer:

Speaking to Polygon, the film’s director, Philip Jones, explained:

A lot of the film’s message is aimed at people who don’t understand the need for queer characters or the fight against bigotry, so we’d also hope to have a lot of straight people seeking to learn in our audience,” Jones told Polygon. “The queer gaming community has always existed, and it’s only been getting stronger as the years go by. This film has been a long time coming. The eloquence of our cast members and the demand from our fans really shows that this film needs to be made, this is a story that deserves to be told.

The film is now available, and you can go over here to buy it. What’s nice is that you can pay $1 or more for the video – pick your price and give the movie some support.

I do understand that the LGBTQ community needs support. They are under represented in all games that aren’t made by EA. But then, women also need support, and so do minorities, and so do international characters. Even Bioware’s gay friendly Shephard was only able to save the galaxy because of his/her overwhelming American machismo charisma. I’m keen to see games in general be more expansive and inclusive with their characters – regardless of race, gender or sexual orientation, it would just be nice to see a greater variety. That said, games are moving in that direction already. Still, if you want to support the cause, go throw money at the movie.

Last Updated: April 24, 2014

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