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Gears of War beta map tour

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Unfortunately just like you we haven’t yet had a chance to get into the Gears of War 3 beta and therefore are also going to be flying blind against the developers and big news organisations when the doors open to Bulletstorm Epic Edition buyers.

But to ensure we are all slightly prepared I have tracked down 2 video’s detailing the first 2 maps of the beta and will do my best to remember to post the other 2 next week.

Personally I have a feeling that all of Epics focus on Thrashball is going to come to nothing as the hard core gamers gravitate towards the better maps and ignore the hype around this one.

Next up we have Checkout which is set in an abandoned department store, now this sounds like my sort of map… clean up on aisle 4.

And that’s all we have for this Friday morning, obviously thanks to IGN for these video’s one day we’ll repay the favour and give you guys some content…

Last Updated: April 8, 2011

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