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Geoff’s take on rAge, with pictures!

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You’ve probably already read what Gavin thought of this year’s rAge. He was not exceptionally enthusiastic about the country’s premier tech and videogame expo. I don’t know if it’s because I saw everything I needed to on the much quieter Friday, or that I spent most of my time there talking rubbish with awesome people – but I had a pretty good time at rage this year.

I will, however agree that on Saturday at least, the place was just too full; there was barely room to breathe, let along actually try and get any hands-on game time.

The organisers either need to change venues (but where?), stop people from buying tickets at the door or implement better crowd control – as well as magic up better parking. Spending half an hour looking for parking, followed by an hour or two in the queue just to get in does not a happy convention-goer make. Overall, it’s a good thing for the local gaming industry that there’s so much excitement,and such an incredible turnout for the event – but I just feel it could have been managed better.

The negative out of the way, I was actually impressed by how much playable pre-release code was available to those who made it in and braced the queues. The highlight, for me anyway, was the Wii U and the number of playable games, including Rayman Legends, ZombiU, New Super Mario Bros Wii U, Pikmin 3, Nintendoland – in short, just about everything you need to have you sold on the system.

Megarom, who always makes an effort go go all out didn’t disappoint either, showing off playable code of Far Cry 3, Assassin’s Creed 3, Skylanders Giants, Hitman: Absolution, Tomb Raider and perennial favourite Just Dance 4.

PlayStation purveyors Ster Kinekor showed off God of War Ascension, DmC, WWE 13, PlayStation All-Stars, Wonderbook and more, while Microsoft, though they only had two playable games, made sure they were good ones; Forza Horizon and Halo 4.

EA, apart from some Sims stuff I couldn’t make heads or tales of, showed off Medal of Honor: Warfighter and the rather ridiculously fun Need for Speed: Most Wanted.

My time on Saturday was mostly spend chaperoning a 4-foot Batman around the place. Still, I had a good time – but i think that was largely because of the company; the wonderful boys and girls I chatted to more than the show itself.

I can completely understand the rather justified complaints from those who hated it though; too cramped, queues too long, not enough specials, the inability to move, or even breathe, the stifling heat – just to name a few f the niggles.

Here are some pictures, for those of you who missed out, because you gave up after standing in lines for too damned long.

 20121006_123034_832x1110Arcademachine (1)Arcademachine (2)Cosplay2Deadgamers (1)Deadgamers (2)Fifa, More Competetive than the Do Gaming LanHighview1Highview3IMG_3509_1322x881IMG_3510_1322x881IMG_3515_1322x881IMG_3516_1322x881IMG_3517_881x1322IMG_3518_1322x881IMG_3519_1322x881IMG_3520_1322x881IMG_3523_1322x881IMG_3524_1322x881IMG_3525_881x1322IMG_3527_1322x881IMG_3569_1322x881IMG_3570_881x1322IMG_3571_1322x881IMG_3574_1322x881IMG_3528_1322x881IMG_3529_1322x881IMG_3530_1322x881IMG_3532_1322x881IMG_3533_881x1322IMG_3534_1322x881IMG_3535_881x1322IMG_3540_881x1322IMG_3541_881x1322IMG_3542_1322x881IMG_3543_881x1322IMG_3544_1322x881IMG_3545_1322x881IMG_3556_1322x881IMG_3557_1322x881IMG_3558_1322x881IMG_3560_1322x881IMG_3561_1322x881IMG_3565_1322x881IMG_3566_881x1322Lan (1)Lan (2)Lan (3)Lan (4)Queues ForeverrAgeStand (2)rAgeStandStands (1)Stands (2)Stands (3)Stands (4)Stands (5)Stands (6)Stands (7)Stands (9)

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