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Geohots fans turn on him, apparently he’s not their saviour

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Regular readers will already know that I am not a fan of Geohot or his hacking attempts targeted against the PS3.

If you’ll recall these hacks motivated Sony to sue him, at that time he was asked what would he do if Sony tried to settle and he responded.

Lets just say, I want the settlement terms to include OtherOS on all PS3s and an apology on the PlayStation blog for ever removing it. It’d be good PR for Sony too, lord knows they could use it. I’m also willing to accept a trade, a legit path to homebrew for knowledge of how to stop new firmwares from being decrypted

Well the reality of being sued by a multinational corporation and only having a small group of loyal backers has hit home hard and yesterday George accepted a settlement with Sony.

Unfortunately the terms of the settlement are confidential which has riled up his supporter base with 4 out of every 5 comments on his site now vilifying him for giving up and folding under the pressure from Sony.

With some fans even now going so far as to claim that the idiot hacking group, Anonymous, who were on his side and attacking Sony last week are now so upset that they are going to start attacking him instead. He most probably deserves that but it does show that he and Anonymous are both the laughing stock of the Internet right now.

According to these supposed leaked documents, the settlement agreement basically boils down to George now following the terms and conditions of all Sony products for the rest of eternity.

George for his side has now decided that the best way forward is to lead a 1 man child boycott against Sony, somehow I don’t see Sony losing any sleep over that and it is pretty much the same thing we have been saying since this rubbish started.

If you feel the terms and conditions of using a PS3 online are restrictive and infringe on your civil liberty then simply don’t buy the thing, this isn’t an oppressive regime that needs to be overthrown it’s a gaming console.

If you want to see what George’s loyal supporter base now thinks of him you can check out the comments section over at his blog.

Source: George’s blog

Last Updated: April 12, 2011

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