Get bloody messy with Broforce in October

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There are some Steam Early Access games that go for months without any meaningful updates. Broforce, the locally developed freedom simulator from Free Lives, isn’t one of those games. Every month they pack a ton of awesome into a monthly patch, and October’s is pretty damned special.

Broforce already has a large roster of brotastic characters, but October brings along two new friends to fight for freedom. Bro Max and The Brode, plays on Mad Max and Kill Bill’s The Bride respectively, join the growing roster of classic action characters in the world’s first freedom simulator. Bro Max gets things done with his trusty boomerang (bro-merang?), while The Brode deals with things in a more elegant, personal fashion. I’m excited to see if she’ll replace my current sword wielding favourite, Brade.

Broforce has had a custom level editor for a while now, but October will allow you to share your creations on Steam Workshop. People can then rank your creations on a scale of zero to awesome, and you could possibly find yours featured on the game’s workshop front page. There have already been some incredible custom levels created, so having them all in one, simple hub to rub your eyes over is very good news.

There’s also some new campaign content and enough explosions in the update trailer to give Michael Bay a week of wet dreams. If you haven’t picked it up on Early Access yet, the game will be on the rAge show floor at the Make Games South Africa stand. Go give it a shot, and get life changing high fives from some of the Free Lives team.

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Last Updated: October 8, 2014

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