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Get familiar with Prey’s various aliens in new gameplay trailer

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Prey's Typhon aliens detailed in new video

This year’s Prey might not be recognisable to fans looking for the true sequel to the original title in the series, but so far Arkane has been making a strong case for their upcoming reboot. The idea of exploring an abandoned (or dead) space station is creepy enough without the gooey alien life forms roaming around and making Morgan Yu’s life living hell. Those aliens are pretty varied too, as Prey’s latest trailer makes very clear.

Although they all take the form of a smoky, black goo that looks straight out of that cancelled X-COM game, Prey’s “Typhon” extra-terrestrials have a variety of abilities for you to adapt to. The smaller, facehugger like Mimics are able to literally transform into normal objects around you, waiting for the time to strike if you aren’t paying attention. They’re slightly easier to dispatch than the Phantoms and Telepaths, which throw balls of lighting and control dead enemies around you respectively.

Prey will thrust you onto the Talos I – a space installation that has had something terrible happen after us humans decided that alien experimentation was a great idea again (go figure). Your version of Yu – you can choose to be male or female – will be a remnant of that experimentation, allowing you to take on some of the abilities your foes have. So stuff like transforming into a coffee cup to get around locked doors and hide from enemies, for example.

It’s looking like Arkane have injected many of the lessons they’ve learnt with Dishonored into this reboot, along with inspirations from the sort of world building you see in BioShock and Dead Space. It’s eerie and intriguing, and one of my most anticipated titles of the year so far. It’s out this May.

Last Updated: March 17, 2017


  1. YOU get familiar with them, Sandy! Sick freak!


  2. Original Heretic

    March 17, 2017 at 12:44

    If I wanted to get familiar with aliens, I’d call up some of my ex-girlfriends.


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