Ghost Recon: Future Soldier is broken on the PC

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Ghost Recon Future Soldier has been out on consoles for a while – and it’s actually pretty damned good. Local PC gamers will get to try the game when it releases this Friday – but it might not live up to expectations. Because right now, it’s broken.

Users are complaining about some rather fundamental issues; namely their mouses don’t work. At all. Makes playing a shooter quite the tricky proposition. Others say the WASD keys, typically used for movement have left then standing still. Can’t move, can’t shoot. Makes Ghost Recon: Future Soldier little more than a pretty expensive, GPU-melting Screensaver.

The issues don’t affect everybody – and there’s speculation that it’s a bug that occurs when the PC in question has gamepads or other USB gaming input devices installed, and its been suggested that uninstalling gamepads fixes the issue. Others are adamant that they’d never let a gamepad near their PC’s – and are still experience control issues.

In addition to that, it seems like the current 1.2 patch for the game locks it to a 720p resolution – making the reason you’ve waited for the PC version instead of just grabbing it on console pretty moot. It also seems that the retail and Steam versions are different – so you won’t be able to play online multiplayer with friends who’ve opted to purchase the game online if you’ve gotten it from a store.

People are wondering just how on earth the Pc version of the game passed QA Testing. I’ve got news for you – you are the QA testers. In short, the PC version is a mess right now – and a bit of a dodgy console port. It’s a pity – because the game really is good.

Last Updated: June 27, 2012

Geoffrey Tim

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