Go back in time with this new Far Cry Primal live-action trailer

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Far Cry Primal is coming later this month, and we’re actually pretty damned excited about it. It makes a few big changes to the formula that has many still looking at it with a healthy sense of scepticism. And I get that – the series has always been about guns, mixed with a healthy blend of narrative.

Instead this time, you’re fighting with spears, bows and arrows and rocks. It characters communicate using a faux proto language, and it’s set in a fictitious past. And yet, when you pay it, you’ll actually feel at home. It’s still very much Far Cry. Don’t worry that you’re not packing the greatest, most destructive ordnance; instead there are great big beasts that you get to tame, and then weaponise in bewildering ways.

As we said in our preview:

“Once a beast is tamed, it’s in your inventory for good, allowing you to build an army of disposable, but varied animals to fight at your side. It’s almost like playing the game with a cooperative partner, making Mammoth hunts and hunter gathering far more interesting than if I was travelling alone. There’s certainly a bond between man and beast in Primal, and I could see myself becoming extremely attached to a handful of the animals that were on offer. Especially those that allow me to ride on their backs eventually, such as the elder mammoths and more rare sabretooths.”

“Beasts aren’t only just for ripping out unsuspecting jugulars though. Taking up a more utilitarian roll is your own pet owl, which I could summon at any time to literally get a bird’s-eye view of the path ahead. I assumed direct control over the owl when called, allowing me to survey the area around Takkar from above. This allowed me to do the usual – mark enemies, resources and generally scout out a piece of land before running head first at it – club and all.

There was something far more engaging about this than simply looking through a pair of binoculars, and the way Takkar’s owl can be used in some more offensive manners (you can swoop down for an easy kill, if you’re willing to sacrifice the recon for a minute) was rather interesting. I particularly liked the way other locals reacted to the owl too, sometimes using bows to take my eyes out of the sky before I could gather any useful information.”

The game has just received a brand new live action trailer – and honestly? It’s got me excited. Take a look.

Last Updated: February 5, 2016

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