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Gotham Knights teaser hints at the Court of Owls deadly maze hideout

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Believe it or not, but Batman has more than just one superpower. In addition to a staggering amount of wealth that bankrolls his nocturnal activities, Batman also wields the power of super-organisation, a skillset that has allowed him to stay a step ahead of his enemies, form a family of motivated vigilantes, and keep his entire operation running at peak performance levels.

Few villains can match Batman and his allies when it comes to admin, but the Court of Owls have certainly given the Bat-Family a run for their money over the last few years. With even more ungodly amounts of money at their beck and call, intimate knowledge of Gotham City’s greatest secrets, and an army of zombie assassins known as the Talons, Court is in session when these dudes cast their gaze upon some poor unfortunate soul.

Their debut within the New 52 relaunch of Batman is also notable for pushing the dark knight to his breaking point and beyond, trapping the world’s greatest detective in a labyrinth that he barely escaped from as he was tortured, drugged, and attacked over several days. And that dreaded maze looks like it’ll be making an appearance in next year’s Gotham Knights. WB Games released a brief and cryptic teaser for the location (the same one from the teaser trailer to be fair but I’ll take whatever I can get right now), which you can see below:

“We were very fortunate in a way because, with our relationship with DC and the fact that that element of the story is relatively recent, we could get into a room and have conversations with some of the main stakeholders of the DC side, and really figure out what was the best way to interpret some of those ideas and these characters – the heroes as well as the adversaries, for the kind of game we wanted to make,” senior producer Fleur Marty said to GamesRadar about the incorporation of the Court of Owls in Gotham Knights.

Batman’s gang is going to have to deal without him or his experience when they eventually do tangle with the Owls and their dread Talon enforcers next year, as Batman is totes dead in this game.

Last Updated: October 23, 2020

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