GRiD 2: An American Dream

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One of the popular topics in our company chat is American muscle cars, Yolanda and I can chat for ages about the beauty of the brash American cars while Geoff and Darryn forget how to speak English.

So when this trailer started out and only appeared to feature American muscle cars I couldn’t help but get excited.

It’s a bit of a weird trailer though with very little excitement in it thanks to the monotone narrator, the visuals all look great but they appear out of place with the audio which is strange. The idea seems simple enough though. Some rich guy wants to create a World Series Racing league and he wants you to go around the world finding the best drivers and cars to join his league.

That’s more a story than most racing games get so I’m all good with that.

However everywhere you see a forum post about GRiD 2 the majority of comments follow the pattern that I saw on Neogaf

I know the lack of cockpit is disappointing but nobody is interested in this?

I’ll still try it out but I most likely would have bought it if it had a cockpit mode.

Unless this game is 100% incredible I’m passing. Cockpit view is one of my very few gaming dealbreakers for racing games of this ilk.

I’m looking forward to it but yes, the lack of cockpit is really killing this for me.

I hope Codemasters is listening as the lack of cockpit really is a strange choice for a racing title in 2013

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Last Updated: April 18, 2013

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • AndriyP

    So many people complaining about lack of cockpits….

    • Sir Rants-a-Lot Llew

      It’s a big thing for many people. They want to see the interior and want their gaming experiance to be from the driving seat.

      I’m not too worried about the lack of it as I always race 3rd person view. But I can understand why people are upset and I kind of agree with them. If you want to make a racing game then you should be able to race from within the car itself right?

      • AndriyP

        I love racing games but there hasnt been anything great of late.
        I prefer 3rd person too and a story, not one for racing simulators

        • Sir Rants-a-Lot Llew

          Agreed. But, as I said, I can understand why people want it so badly.

    • Someone made the same complaint here for the last NFS game, its a fairly common complaint

  • “Yolanda and I can chat for ages about the beauty of the brash American cars”
    Still a better love story than twilight

  • Don’t get me wrong.. I love Italian and German cars as well… but they just don’t come close to that raw power of a Mustang

    • Admiral Chief Erwin

      Can just imagine you geeking out about a V8 haha

      I hear ya, but I prefer German, then Italian, then American

    • AndriyP

      Me and a mate saw one of thee in mint condition twice in rosebank this week you can hear it miles away, what a beauty

    • except Italian cars can take corners, the corvette stingray is still one of my favorites thou… next time you in cape town cbd check out motostars at the end of strand street,, always awesome cars there

  • HvR

    American muscle cars making a a left and right turns on non-banked turns? Can already see unrealistic handling and car simulation for this game.

  • Same here. Cockpit is cool, but I prefer hood-cam. Bumper cam is too close, feels like i’m gonna loose the skin on my chin. 3rd person or chase cam is OK… but not a fan anymore, feels fake when drifting 😛

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