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Grim Fandango Remastered Guide – Year Three and Year Four

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It’s still pronounced…Faaaaaaaandango! You’ve already gone through two years in the life of a former sales agent for the dead. Time to hit the final two years in the epic saga that is Grim Fandango Remastered.

Year Three



  • Go into the ship, down the ladder and through the hall to be rescued by Glottis
  • Raise the starboard anchor, push right on the controls and lower the starboard anchor
  • Use your scythe on the anchors by the starboard porthole and raise the port anchor in order to rip the ship a new one
  • Return to the controls, and work your magic

Under the Sea


  • Go the the edge of the light, and talk to Chepito with the following dialogue: “Well, I don’t wanna break your stride there”
  • Chepito will walk alongside you, so grab the light and run towards Glottis
  • Go to the pearl, walk along the ridge and look for a rock that is sticking out
  • Walk counter-clockwise around the rock, in order to get a ride

The Edge of the World


  • Go into the elevator and through the doorway on the right
  • You’ll find Meche and Domino in your office
  • Talk to the kids and say
  • “Why do you want to bite me?”, “What are you two doing in this cage?”, “Listen, children, I’m here to help”, “I’m here to help you get out of this cage”, “My hand are not to big to make light bulbs”, “I just don’t have any of those little, tiny tools, that’s all” and “Okay, back to work”
  • Take the hammer and go back to Meche’s office
  • Use the ashtray, moving it right before Meshe’s drops some ashes
  • After Meche throws her stockings in the trash, go retrieve them
  • Go back down in the elevator and go to the left bottom of the screen
  • Use the hammer on Chepito, take the Bust-All and use a hose on him to get the gun
  • Go back to the elevator and off the right of the screen

The Boat


  • Change the conveyer belt to move downwards, climb on it and out of the water
  • Climb into the crane, move it to the opposite side and lower the crane
  • Go towards the claw of the crane, use the Bust-All on it and then get back inside it
  • Lower the chain again, and then raise it again to make some heavy destruction
  • Move the crane now back to the other side and lower the chain onto the conveyer belt
  • Leave the crane, go back down the belt and throw the lever so that you can set the belt to move upwards
  • Do this again to move the chain downwards, get back on the belt and board the crane again
  • Raise the chain, back it to the other side and go back down the belt to Meche’s office

Rescuing Meche


  • Use the gun on Meche in order to rescue her
  • Go back out the room and use Bust-All on the door, rotating all four tumblers to the correct sequence
  • Use your scythe on the tumblers and pull the wheel
  • Inside, close the door behind you and use your scythe on the plates above the door
  • In the secret room that has opened, use your scythe on the sprinkler system and walk over to the large pipe to turn the wheel
  • Grab the axe from the other room and drag it on the leaky tile top in the secret room in order to shatter them

Domino’s Fall

  • To stop Domino, pull your scythe out and use it on the octopus in order to stop him

Year 4

Saving Glottis


  • Go down the stairs to the coffin, open it and say hi to Bruno again
  • Bruno will give you a mug, so go back up and watch the cutscene
  • When you leave, Bruno will give you a note
  • Go back down and into the room under the tracks to talk to Glottis
  • “What can I get you?,  “Will anything help?” and “Can’t we make a new hot rod?”
  • Go into the kitchen and use the coffee cup on the rack
  • Open the drawer, get a rag and go use it on the oil outside
  • Return to the kitchen, use the rag on the toaster and you’ll have created rocket fuel

Rescuing the Bonewagon


  • Go down to the docks and talk with Velasco
  • When he leaves, grab the bottle and go to the Blue Casket
  • Go into the kitchen and use that bottle on the keg
  • Return to Glottis and give him the bottle
  • Speak to Glottis and have a good laugh
  • Go to Toto’s shack and go through his medicine cabinet to get the liquid nitrogen
  • Use the nitrogen on the gelatin by Glottis, walk across it and use the bomb to leave Rubacava

Getting A Suit


  • Walk on over to the fallen soldier and take his arm
  • Talk to Meche, then head out for the hideout
  • Go up two ladders and into the backstage area of the casino
  • Take the coffee pot, climb the ladder behind the Thunder Boys and pour that coffee on them
  • Go back down, replace the pot and go into the make-up room
  • Go back up the ladder, use the arm on the grinder and then take it
  • Go back down into the casino, talk to the man in the trench coat twice
  • Talk to Meche twice, use the sheet on Charlie and then go talk to the soldier quickly
  • Go back into the bathroom to complete your disguise

Getting A Gun


  • Go into the LSA headquarter and take the photo from the rubbish bin
  • Use the note from Hector on the pigeon and then use the photo on it
  • Bowlsley will then run from Hector’s tower
  • Leave the headquarters and go into the hall to get the remote
  • Get behind the Bonewagon in the sewers and go into the tunnel
  • Use the gridner with arm in that tunnel and move forward to the alligator
  • Take the remote out, raise the Bonewago and move it forward until you can get on the ledge
  • Run to the other side of the ledge and start climbing down the ladder until the alligator turns around
  • Activate the remote, and you’ll trap the alligator’s tail under the wagon
  • Go into the Florist shop, take out your scythe and use it on the ball of tape that is above the door
  • Leave, go back inside and you’ll get a gun and some ammo

Meeting Hector


  • Go into the casino and talk to the pink demon
  • The answer to the pink demon’s question is the latest number that pops up on the Keno board
  • Upstairs, talk to Celso and say
  • “Actually, I work for Hector.  He sent me to answer your questions”, “The real question is, don’t you feel that you are worth it”, “What exactly are you saving your money for?  A rainy day?”, “Well, enough about you guys, let me tell you about my problems” and “I just got back from the worst vacation I’ve ever had!”
  • Then watch a rather great cutscene

Lady Luck


  • Go up the ladder, over the sign arm
  • Climb on top, face the cracked statue, use the grinder and the the Proutella to jimmy the sign
  • Climb up the ladder to get your tickets

The Final Showdown


  • Go to the greenhouse and go inside
  • Use the liquid nitrogen on yourself, go to the car and check the backseat
  • Talk to Salvador, go to the suitcase and open it
  • Take the ticket and go back behind the greenhouse
  • Once you’re in the right spot after being guided by the ticket, it will fall to the ground
  • Check Salvador’s body for the key, go back to the car and unlock it to get the gun
  • Run to the water tower and use the gun on it
  • Run back to the greenhouse door and open it
  • Congrats, you just finished Grim Fandango

Last Updated: January 28, 2015

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