GTA San Andreas HD on Xbox 360 ported from mobile version

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GTA San Andreas was recently released on the Xbox 360, sporting increased resolution, better draw distances and even achievements. In screens, it looks rather good too,. It’s cheap, going for just R37 on the Xbox Marketplace. it’s also a terrible port of the mobile version of the game.

The chaps at Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry analysed the port, and found it to be fundamentally no different from the Android version.

“Viewed side by side, Xbox 360 and Shield Tablet games appear to be a close match – the higher-resolution 2D artwork and the new front end are much the same, though the new console release appears to possess enhanced draw distance over the Android version (even when it’s set to 100 per cent on the mobile version).

“Unfortunately, aside from the inclusion of Achievements, there’s very little love given to this new edition. Just like the Android release, there’s absolutely no anti-aliasing available, whereas even the original PC version supports this, while the vast majority of Xbox Originals on the 360 emulator supported 2x or 4x MSAA depending on the title,” they said.

The frame rate on the “remaster” is capped at 30fps, and sometimes dips well below that.

“Scaled up to 720p and beyond, even with the enhanced assets, it’s clear that the level of detail in the assets doesn’t really stand up to scrutiny. The game wasn’t really designed to scale in this way and it shows. At just £2.99, the Xbox 360 port is keenly priced for what it offers, but we can’t help but wonder whether keeping the Xbox Originals version – at least alongside any HD remaster – may have been the preferable option.”

While many still consider San Andreas the best game in the franchise, this sub-standard port isn’t something anybody really needs. In related news, Take 2 has said it wouldn’t rule out a GTA HD collection,

“In any given year we and our key competitors launch new intellectual properties and new iterations of older properties. And occasionally, when we see a platform shift, we will take an old property and create an iteration of that in a very similar form for next-gen. And we wouldn’t rule anything out. That would be driven by the market opportunity that we perceive, and the potential for delivering a quality release. And that would be very much something that also would be driven by the passion of our labels [Rockstar and 2K],” Take Two Boss Strauss Zelnick said in an investor earnings call.

As long as they’re not ports of the mobile versions, people would be okay with that.

Last Updated: October 30, 2014

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