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GTA V coming to Australia

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GTA V has squeezed past the Australian Classification Board, earning an 18+ rating.  Good news for the people down under – the hype train will be passing through.  Nice to see it getting rated right away, without needing to be censored.

The 18+ rating is based primarily on drug use.  I find this surprising considering the amount of violence, rough language and sex we normally see in GTA.  However, I don’t think people are complaining!  At least the Aussies won’t need to smuggle it into the country.  I just have a mental image of kids giving the homeless guy on the corner the money to buy the game for them, instead of booze or cigarettes. Here is the full classification:
Wow, how much drug use does this thing have if it outstrips the violence and sex?  Or maybe it is just more offensive for the classification board.  For those of you who haven’t yet boarded the hype train, here is the epic gameplay trailer again.  If this doesn’t make you feel a bit tingly inside, I honestly doesn’t know what will.

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Oh and don’t panic either the local ratings board, the fpb, has also approved GTA V for retail locally.

Last Updated: August 5, 2013

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