GTA V PC – Lester assassination mission guide

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GTA Lester

Behold! The most powerful force in the history of anything! Money! Yes sir, there’s nothing that you can’t do with a promise of worth on a piece of paper, and you’ll need plenty of the digital equivalent in GTA V in order to get your hands on the best possible gear. So what’s the best way to do that? By playing the stock markets of course. But you’re going to need to invest big in order to earn big. And here’s how you can be a wolf of Wall Street.

Once you’re a couple of hours into GTA V, you’ll have the chance to take on missions for Lester, as Franklin. These missions consist of assassinations, and they all involve key staff from various companies within GTA V. Lester often drops clues about which stocks to invest in, but they do come in a tad bit late at times. So let’s get you some precognitive investment help, because once you’ve slain a target you’ll see a rival company experience a massive growth in the GTA V market.

The best time to start investing, will be after your first profitable heist. Don’t forget to switch to Michael and Trevor as well, and to maximise their profits with some insider trading.

The Hotel Assassination

Investment: Betta Pharmaceuticals (BAWSAQ)

You’ll be hurting the Bilkington shares in this mission. While you’ll clear a tidy sum after this mission wraps up, buy some Bilkington shares as well when they’re at their lowest. It’ll take that company about a week of in-game time to bounce back, netting you a tidy extra profit as well.

The Multi-Target Assassination

Investment: Debonaire (LCN)

Time to knock Redwood down a few pegs. You’ll get a nice fat payday when Debonaire stocks reach their peak, but you’ll earn even more if you buy Redwood shares after the mission and sell them off two to three days after they recover on the market.

The Vice Assassination

Investment: Fruit (BAWSAQ)

Same as the others. Buy plenty of Fruit shares before you tackle the mission, sell ‘em off and then buy some dirt-cheap Facade shares afterwards. You can earn hundreds of thousands of dollars if you do, as they’ll rebound quickly.

The Bus Assassination

Investment: Vapid (BAWSAQ)

This one is a bit different. You’ll be purposefully hurting the Vapid stock price, so only buy shares after the mission is over, and wait for the prices to rise again on the stock market.

The Construction Assassination

Investment: GoldCoast (LCN)

Easy peasy. No rebound stocks to focus on here, as buying shares of GoldCoast will see a hefty increase after the mission is over.

By now, you should be swimming obscene amounts of cash, usually reserved for Scrooge McDuck’s infamous vault. Go buy some guns and whatnot, you’ve earned it.

Last Updated: April 21, 2015

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