GTA V seems to have a little Max Payne 3 in it

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I was not a big fan of Rockstar’s take on Remedy’s Max Payne franchise. It was visually quite impressive, but the Houser brothers just didn’t manage to channel their inner Sam Lake for the overall narrative; which was more “Man on fire” or “Die Hard with a Brazilian” than Max Payne. That said, the actual shooting mechanics were superlative – and it looks like they’ll be moving over to GTA V.

That’s a good thing, because the melee combat and shooting in GTA has, frankly, been bordering on terrible. Youtuber datarace1 has but the gunplay from GTA V’s trailers side-by side with Max Payne 3’s and found them to be jarringly similar; barring the bullet-time stuff, of course. 

What do you think? did you like Max Payne 3’s shooting, and are you happy for it to surface in GTA – or would you prefer they kept it as is, or perhaps borrowed more from Red Dead Redemption?

Last Updated: July 30, 2013

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