Halo: Reach DLC?

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Either this DLC announcement is being extra sneaky, or we’re into speculating way too much. Somebody whose mutant ability is a keen eye for detail spotted the above screenshot on Bungie’s website and promptly told gaming news sites (he didn’t tell us though so I think we feel offended… Geoff? Gavin? We’re offended, right?)

Can you see it? It’s staring right at you. It’s almost as if the DLC is wearing some of that neat Active Camo armour modification the Spartans get in Halo: Reach; it makes it almost invisible, but if you look closely you can see it!

Judging by the Gamerscore and Achievement listing in that screenshot, there are 59 Achievements in Halo: Reach for a total of 1250 Gamerscore. The thing is, there aren’t 59 Achievements in your Halo: Reach.



This can only mean we’re getting a batch of DLC in the near future.

What better way to handle speculation than with more speculation! So start speculating. What’s the DLC going to have? My money is on some more boring maps to play multiplayer on. How dull.

Source: Kotaku

Last Updated: September 27, 2010

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