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Hands on with Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered–Campaign

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I’ve already been hands on with the multiplayer portion of Modern Warfare Remastered while I was at COD XP this year but now I’ve been lucky enough to receive an early access code from Activision for the single player campaign and after a whopping 40Gb download I finally managed to get my hands dirty with the game.

Spoiler alert, the campaign is amazing… but we all knew that as it was Modern Warfare that redefined how Call of Duty campaigns should be with the non-stop action, amazing set pieces and fast-paced story line.

So spoilers covered, now disclaimer time.

I don’t like remakes, I don’t see the point of old games being remade and I have no desire to re-experience the same things that I have before. I absolutely loved my time with the original Modern Warfare and our review of the game, when we were still a mini blog, gave it a solid 95% and looking back I can’t even argue against that.

As such I wasn’t overly excited about replaying Modern Warfare but I am aware that a ton of people like remakes and are excited about the game so I grabbed myself some beers, loaded up the game and got straight into it.

One of the reasons I don’t like replaying games or remakes in general is that they are generally a disappointment. Things are never as good as you remember them being. Just think about that guy/girl you had a crush on in High School, they were amazing right? Then you go to a school reunion and some bog standard person rocks up and ruins your fantasies.

Well this was nothing like that.

The game started up and you can instantly see that the game has been lovingly recreated with top end graphics and updated code. Everything looks and runs amazingly and that flood of happiness returned as soon as I started the original training run that explained how everything works.

It’s strange how everything feels the same and yet is entirely different though. The Modern Call of Duty games are much faster and more fluid than Modern Warfare and getting to grips with the way it used to be was harder than I expected. Just take a look at my abysmal first training run.

Ignoring my shocking gameplay, you can easily see how amazing Modern Warfare Remastered is looking. Also don’t judge me too harshly I managed to improve that time by over 30 seconds in my second run.

So after completing the training run I left the hangar for my first real mission, the iconic sinking ship mission.

Yes the most famous Modern Warfare mission is probably All Ghillied Up but that’s quite far into the game and your first real introduction into what Modern Warfare offered up. You start off by rappelling onto a huge ship in the middle of the ocean and then have to clear the decks of the enemies, take out the guys in the tower and then enter the bowels of the ship to clear out hundreds of enemies to secure the package.

Then the ship is attacked and you need to escape from a sinking ship that is rolling all over the place and filling with water.

It’s that high intensity, edge of your seat action that got millions of people hooked from the very first episode and it still works. Yes I know exactly how the level plays out and how it ends but for once I wasn’t bored at the idea of replaying it. 6 years on and the core idea of Modern Warfare is still 100% relevant to gamers today and the levels are still amazingly fun.

Amazingly fun may be a bit of a bland way to explain it. To be honest the missions I played last night are probably the best single player Call of Duty missions I’ve played for years. Back when the games weren’t all about graphics and frame rates, back when 99% of the development was designed around the experience and you can feel it through every level.

The non-stop action permeates everything, there is always something to kill right around every corner and the constant shouting of your team mates and audio cues keep the adrenalin levels high and the excitement solid.

What they didn’t do as well as they do today is to guide you in the right direction in the levels, whether that’s a good or bad thing I’ll leave up to you. But as you can see here, in all the excitement, I ran off in entirely the wrong direction a few times.

Another aspect I enjoyed about the game is that in the heat of the battle it’s difficult to tell who is on your side and who’s the enemy which, I presume, is what it is like in a real heated battle. The entire experience was intense and amazing and I truly am enjoying it.

So the game looks amazing, the story line and episodes are still brilliant so the game is perfect correct?

Well no… what really did surprise me is how many bugs exist in the game.

Here is me trying to duck behind some crates in the ship to take out the bad guys and my team mate really not helping my stealth approach. (4:55 in the above video)

This sort of forced pushing by your team mates was quite common in the game and the fact that you can’t push back really did annoy me many times in the game.

And then you get the random floating assets

Neither of which are game breaking but I just expected better from what is being marketed as the biggest bonus content ever bundled in a game.

If you are excited for Modern Warfare Remastered, then you are going to be very happy with both the campaign and multi player portions of the game. If you are on the fence, you are also probably going to be a very happy gamer. However, if, like me, you aren’t a massive fan of remakes, then I wouldn’t advise shelling out for the collector’s edition to get the game.

It’s good but we’ve done it all before.

Check out our Modern Warfare Remastered Playlist on Youtube for more videos and incompetent gameplay in single and multi player modes.

Last Updated: October 5, 2016


  1. Grimsupanoob

    October 5, 2016 at 11:35

    typical unfinished activision nonsense…. bugs bugs bugs


    • WakeUpSheeple

      October 6, 2016 at 15:15

      Remastered is a graphical face lift. Nothing more or less. Bugs in the original will carry over.


      • eyesuc

        October 8, 2016 at 09:04

        Nahhh, this is Activision at work. Introduce bugs so you can release a fix as DLC.


  2. miaau

    October 5, 2016 at 11:35

    That looks so exciting…… even for me, a dedicated non FPS player


  3. Pariah ???

    October 5, 2016 at 11:38

    “It’s good but we’ve done it all before.”

    The CoD franchise in a nutshell.


  4. Ghost In The Rift

    October 5, 2016 at 12:13

    I’m patiently waiting for that Infinite Warfare No Mans Sky mod xD


  5. HairyEwok

    October 5, 2016 at 12:15

    Recommended difficulty….. Recruit XD


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