So last week I was honoured to be flown over to Paris to get some hands on time with the upcoming Call of Duty: Ghosts.

However it didn’t quite go to plan with KLM losing my bags in Amsterdam leaving me with no clothing and no interview or writing equipment and thanks to a previous advertiser not paying their bill on time I was also flat broke. Then I got left at the airport for hours before being fleeced by a private taxi.

Odin Firing

So all in all I arrived at the event in a pretty foul mood, but it was time to wash my clothes in the bathtub and get down to the event to see what Activision and Infinity Ward has to offer us this year.

First up we were taken into a room to be given a presentation on the single player experience by Infinity Ward community manager, Tina Palacios.

Infinity Ward wanted to change up the narrative this year by changing from the USA being the all dominating super power to becoming the underdog in the global fight. The way they’ve done this, from a high level, is as follows.

A new force started rising in South America called The Federation. At this time America is still very much on top but are wary of this new force so they decide to install the a new weapon in space called Odin. Odin is a floating space station armed with solid metal bars which can be fired down upon the earth causing the same mass destruction as a nuclear weapon but without the nuclear fallout.


You get the picture, the game starts off with you working nearby the Odin at the Space Station when a new shuttle arrives, however instead of it containing the next batch of scientists it contains soldiers for The Federation.

Cue the typical Call of Duty set piece battles where you and a few others attempt to defend the space ship from these hijackers. But before you realise what’s happened The Federation has armed Odin and is targeting all the major cities in America.

Not to ruin anything for you right now but obviously they manage to get off a few shots as this disables most of the American population and allows The Federation to take control.

Now you fast forward a few years and you hear about The Ghosts, a crack team of rebels who are working to return the USA to its former glory from under the crushing thumb of tyranny.

You obviously join the Ghosts and then the game will start off properly.

All in all I think it’s a nice plot and a good way to make it semi believable that the USA has fallen from glory. I’ve always been a sucker for Call of Duty single player and I can’t wait to get into battle with the ghosts and show The Federation who’s boss.

It’s also nice to have new enemies who aren’t (I hope) bloody communists or Islamic terrorists. Mind you the communist ideology is strong south of Mexico so you never know, maybe they will end up being communists after all.

The gameplay we saw looked absolutely incredible. We weren’t told what the single player was being played on but it was a huge improvement over the current Black Ops 2 while still ensuring that slick speedy movement that is Call of Duty’s heritage.

Walking in space

And that’s all we got to see, what I did find out was that you will travel in time slightly but nothing like the previous games. You will also focus more on the main character instead of the constant switching we have become used to.

The game starts in space so obviously you get to shoot and move around in space and you will be going underwater as well.

Keep your eyes open for the multiplayer hands on coverage which will magically appear very soon.

[Update] More importantly, my bags have finally been returned in mostly one piece. 

Last Updated: September 26, 2013

was reviewed on PC

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