Here are the Last Of Us’ Special Editions

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If everything had gone to plan, you’d be playing Naughty Dog’s PlayStation 3 swansong The Last of Us this month, but for an extra dash of polish the game’s been delayed until the middle of June. Probably a good thing, because it’ll give you a time to save up some extra cash for the game’s swanky Collector’s Editions.

The game will be coming with two different special editions, even though they’re essentially the same thing.

The Joel and Ellie editions, both priced at R795 (pre-order from BTGames), are mere mirror images, focused on a different protagonist. They include include an art book, wallpaper, comic, soundtrack and SackBoy(or Girl!) for LittleBigPlanet – as well as some DLC.

  • Survival DLC Pack
    Multiplayer bonuses:
    Bonus XP
    Melee booster
    In-game currency
    Customisable character items
    Bonus Joel and Ellie skins available once the single player game is completed.

  • Sights and Sounds DLC Pack
    Official game soundtrack by Academy Award-winning musician Gustavo Santaolalla
    PS3 Dynamic Theme
    PSN avatars: Winter Joel and Ellie

The game will hit your PS3 on June 14, right after E3 ends. I really hope it lives up to its promise – or is at least better than Uncharted 3, a game I really didn’t like very much.

Last Updated: May 2, 2013

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