Here’s how you shift your Xbox 360 Diablo 3 save game to PS4

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Right now, somebody at Blizzard is being measured to see if they weigh the same as a duck, because the idea of keeping your Diablo 3 save game and choosing your console platform sounds like witchcraft to me. We already know that save-game porting will be one of the new features present for Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition. So how in the nine hells do you do it exactly?

With cloud power, that’s how. Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition will automatically check your console for a save game should you be sticking to the same platform that you played Diablo 3 on. But if you’re venturing into Sanctuary on a higher level of graphical fidelity through the use of new-gen consoles, then this next bit might interest you.

According to Blizzard, you’ll need to upload your save-game on your Xbox 360 to the cloud (THE CLOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUD), insert the new game on into the newer console and hey presto, you’ll get a prompt that asks if you want to download your original save game onto that platform. This works for PlayStation 3 to Xbox One as well.

PC Gamers however, are naturally buggered and have no such option.

Blizzard is referring to this process as a “cross-brand” and “cross-generational” transfer. I’m referring to it as sorcery. Possibly level 37, using the staff of the Aesir which offers a +5 bonus to teleportation. I’ve got several Diablo 3 characters that I’m actually keen to not get rid of when I switch from Xbox 360 to PS4 for this game. Including my kickass , Magic Feet McGee.

Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition arrives on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on August 19.

Last Updated: August 7, 2014

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