Hilarious reactions to using the Oculus Rift

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I think I’m the only one on the team here who isn’t a huge fan of the Oculus Rift and its virtual world abilities but I’ve just found the exact reason why the device has to be successful and in every home on the planet.

This 15 minute video showcases some of the most hilarious reactions to people using the Oculus Rift with some people totally freaking out and just wanting to get out of the experience.

What surprises me the most is that it’s the guys playing the rollercoaster game who seem to be the most terrified when I would have thought the horror game would bring out the most shrieks.

But really this is exactly the reason I don’t think I could ever play a game with this device. I can’t even sit with my back to a door in case I don’t realise someone has snuck up behind me. I don’t know why I have that irrational fear but it exists and the idea of slapping a device over my head that completely cuts out the outside world is a horrifying thought.

What are your feelings about this idea or what weird phobias do you have? My other weird one is that I hate the look of lots of holes together like a truck carrying pipes or that disgusting frog that holds its babies in its back.. seriously doesn’t this freak other people out?


Excuse me while I go lie down for a while… ergh

Last Updated: January 23, 2014

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