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Hitman: Absolution will have a hardcore mode for the purists

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Look at today’s gamers. They’ve got no idea what a hard-mode is. Why back in my day, we had to blow hard into the cartridge just to get the damn game to work. And then it would still take us ages to clock retro fantasy title X, as we had to literally shut ourselves off from the world in order to do so.

Yep, it was a different time all right. And the spirit of such hard-earned victory is coming back, for next years’ Hitman: Absolution. It won’t just be a mode that ups the chances of bullets killing you or making your health bar slimmer than the life expectancy of a Texas cow, but will instead condense the game back to its pure stealth roots.

Producer Hakan Abrak explained to Eurogamer how this mode was designed for hardcore fans of the franchise. “We will get into more details at a later point, but obviously it’s linked to the playing style”, Abrak said. “It’s more pacify your enemies, be undetected, maybe solve the challenges in a smarter way. That will probably give you a stealth assassin achievement”.

“We have a lot of difficulty levels in the game as well. Rest assured, the hardcore fans that like to have replayablity value in the game or want to have this stealth assassin, you know, I’m the ultimate stealth assassin, that playing style, those Achievements, are very much in the game”.

“There’s a huge replayability value in it and we have some features in the game I cannot speak about that will enhance this and make this easier, and heighten the replayability value for the hardcore players as well”.

Abrak mentioned that the hardcore mode will have its own “very special name”, and while he wasn’t at liberty to divulge it at the time, Abrak said that it was “going to please the hardcore fans”.

Hitman: Absolution is out next year for all major platforms.

Last Updated: October 10, 2011

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