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Hitman’s 21st Elusive Target mission kicks off in Hokkaido tomorrow

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Elusive Target surgeon

Elusive Targets. Either you manage to kill the bastards, or you fail a mission massively and find yourself running around like a pinhead while security attempts to chase you down with bullets. Something that has happened to me many times over the course of Hitman because I suck at everything in life. Especially other people’s petrol tanks when they aren’t looking.

But lately, I’ve been not kak at ending lives within Hitman. That’s all thanks to a recent experiment to break the game engine by killing every single NPC within any level. Geoff and Al reckon I’m a dangerous sociopath, an utter lie I claim as I sit here and carefully clean all the blood off of my collection of knives gathered from inside the game.

Knives which I’ll be making use of this weekend, for the next set of Elusive Targets. This time, we’re off to Hokkaido for a change to kill two targets. Here’s the brief from IO Interactive:

The Surgeons are the next Elusive Target(s) to arrive in HITMAN. They will be in Hokkaido for 7 days and if you complete this contract, you’ll earn the White Yukata for Agent 47. Completing this contract with the ‘Silent Assassin’ rating will also count towards your progress for unlocking the Winter Suit.

At 14:00 CET / 05:00 PT on Friday 24th February, we’ll update the Elusive Target tile on the Featured Hub in-game and the contract will be live. Elusive Target #21 will be in Hokkaido for 7 days (168 hours) and there won’t be any second chances. Remember that an Elusive Target cannot be restarted once any targets have been eliminated or any objectives have been completed.

Elusive Target #21 has two primary objectives and one optional objective:

Primary Objectives: (1) Eliminate Pavel Frydel & (2) Eliminate Akane Akenawa

Optional Objective: Eliminate both targets using viral infection

If you’ve been a good boy who eats all his veggies and kills all of his marks assigned to him, you’ll also have a chance to unlock a new suit. It’s purely cosmetic stuff, but IO Interactive say that they’ll be overhauling the system to reward players for more than just the number of headshots earned so far:

For completing Elusive Targets, we have some very unique rewards that can be earned. Remember that you need to achieve all objectives and exit the mission to ‘complete’ the Elusive Target. We want to make sure that the suit rewards you’ll earn through Elusive Targets are prestigious, and that they can be unlocked at a faster rate. As of November 18 (ET 14), we have made adjustments to how players unlock future Elusive Target suit rewards.

The below image shows all of the suits that can be unlocked through Elusive Targets and the requirements for earning them. Note that when you have unlocked a suit, it will be added to your inventory and can be used in all locations and contracts that allow you to select a starting suit.

Elusive target suits

As usual, I’ll have a video up later on Friday detailing how to eliminate your most elusive of targets.

Last Updated: February 23, 2017


  1. Is it Hokkaido to kill people? I mean, if its just the baddies sure, but a whole maps worth of people. The poor civilians in your game. XD


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