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Honeycomb Mouse Guide – 10 Best Honeycomb Gaming Mice for Sale

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Gaming is not only about skill. There are a lot of other factors that help you play well – and comfort is one of them. Playing PC games with a honeycomb mouse is a new and growing trend for those who want to game for a long period of time without many breaks. This incredibly designed mouse with holes looks just like a honeycomb structure, with the aim of making the mouse breathable. This design prevents the hand from sweating and cramping, which can happen during long gaming sessions.

You can match the honeycomb gaming mouse with a gaming keyboard, headset, and mouse pad to create a complete setup of accessories that will maximize your comfort whilst gaming. The best thing about honeycomb mice, apart from the comfort, is that they are lightweight.

Choosing the best honeycomb gaming mouse is an important choice, as they can be more expensive than a regular gaming mouse. There are many different honeycomb gaming mice to choose from, so we thought we’d outline our favorites below…

The 10 Best Honeycomb Mouse Products to Buy

1) HK Gaming Mira-M Honeycomb Mouse

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HK Gaming Mira-M Honeycomb Mouse

The HK gaming Mira-M is a universal honeycomb mouse that anyone can use.

It comes in 2 different sizes, namely Mira-M (large hands size) and Mira-S (small hands size). You also get the freedom to choose from 10 different colors. It’s very easy to play with – weighing just 63 grams. The shape of this mouse is customized specifically for right-handed gamers with anti-slip grips. The HK Gaming Mira honeycomb gaming mouse has a very quick response time of 1 millisecond with 2 side buttons. It also has 6 control buttons, cpi up to 12000, and an acceleration limit of 50 G.

The only issue it has is the structure. Its dpi/cpi switch button and 2 side buttons are too close to each other in my opinion. It may cause you to hit the switch button mistakenly. Moreover, the HK Mira-M honeycomb mouse is not as durable compared to other gaming mice we’ve tested.

2) EQEOVGA D10 Honeycomb Gaming Mouse

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EQEOVGA D10 Honeycomb Gaming Mouse

This is another great option at a very reasonable price. All types of gamers can use it for playing PC games. It has three color options that you can choose from, including orange, black, and white. The orange and white EQEOVGA D10 honeycomb mouse is a little more expensive than the white one, but we think its worth paying extra for its stunning look. With a weight of just 65 grams, it is a relatively light gaming mouse. It is a nice option when looking for a mouse with holes.

EQEOVGA D10 uses RGB technology with 16.8 million different colors and 7 types of effect. The D10 uses a pure copper cable. This means that it has the capability to achieve transmission delay as low as 0.01 seconds. The quick response rate allows you to play games at a fast pace.

The only down side is the build quality of EQEOVGA D10, which is not as great as other honeycomb mice. The RGB technology is also not the best. If this is a major con for you, then you should look for another option.

3) G-Wolves Hati

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G-Wolves Hati mouse with holes

The G-Wolves Hati mouse is a good honeycomb mouse for playing PC games. It is available in white, light red, and a purple/black gradient, as well as an aqua color. It has an Omron Micro Switch rated for 20 million clicks. The dustproof switches make them long-lasting.

This mouse with holes weighs just 61 grams, which makes it very easy to use during long sessions. In addition to this, the pixart 3360 gaming sensor has a resolution of up to 12000 dpi. The G-Wolves Hati mouse has a maximum acceleration of 50G, with a speed of 250 ips. The innovative super light cable reduces drag, which is a great advantage of this gaming mouse. It also has 4 rubber mouse grips with 2 side buttons.

Although it has an affordable price, it is still expensive for the features it offers. Moreover, you will have to install specific software to use it, which can be a bit annoying!

4) Cooler Master MM711

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Cooler Master MM711

This honeycomb mouse from Cooler Master offers you many great features, and will be a solid buy if you chose this product. It is available in 2 different colors – shiny white and deep black. It weighs just 53 grams, lighter than most of the other gaming mice we have reviewed. Its gaming-grade optical sensor has a maximum resolution of 16000 dpi.

It is a suitable choice when looking for a mouse with holes that is built to last. The lightweight honeycomb shell allows you to play games for many hours without getting tired. Its innovatively designed ultra-weaver cable is very light in weight and reduces resistance to further improve comfort.

Unfortunately, the side buttons of MM711 are not that great. They can be triggered if you even glance over them briefly, which can be rather frustrating.

5) G-Wolves Skoll SKL 2020 Edition Honeycomb Mouse for Gaming

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G-Wolves Skoll SKL 2020 Edition Mouse for Gaming

The Skoll SKL 2020 Edition honeycomb gaming mouse is another product launched by G-Wolves. This is a very lightweight gaming mouse, weighing only 65 grams. The thin paracord is drag resistant, and the matt-coated mouse has adjustable RGB lights, which can be changed using 5 memory profiles. You can also choose from the five available colors (white, black, aqua, red, and a color gradient of white into blue).

G-Wolves Skoll SKL mouse with holes is breathable, which prevents your palm from sweating. Its pixart 3360 sensors can have up to 12000 dpi resolution, and it has a maximum acceleration of 50 G with a speed of 250 ips. Great for those who need mega quick response times!

6) FinalMouse Ultralight 2 – The Lightest Honeycomb Gaming Mouse

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6) FinalMouse Ultralight 2 - The Lightest Honeycomb Gaming Mouse

The FinalMouse Ultralight 2 is one of the best gaming mice on the market. You can change the dimension of the mouse with its various thickness infinity skins – a feature unique to this mouse. This is an ultra light mouse with holes that prevents hand sweating. Tipping the scales at 47 grams, it is super light compared to the many other gaming mice for sale in the market. It has a maximum resolution of up to 3200 dpi, and the double braided cable is drag resistant.

Its biggest drawback is its price. But, we feel it’s a price worth paying for what you get in return!

7) Glorious Model D

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Glorious Model D honeycomb mouse

This ergonomically designed mouse is ideal for medium to large hands. It comes in white and black colors, with a shiny or matte coating. The matte version weighs 68 grams, which is 1 gram lighter than the shiny model, which weighs 69 grams.

This honeycomb gaming mouse has e-sport customization, with a resolution of up to 12000 dpi, and it makes use of RGB lighting technology, with a response time of just 1 millisecond. Its double braided cable is also drag resistant. Unfortunately, it’s not suitable for people with smaller hands, and the price is a let down compared to other similar priced honeycomb mice.

8) XTRFY M4 RGB Gaming Honeycomb Mouse

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XTRFY M4 RGB Gaming Mouse

This is a lightweight honeycomb mouse from XTRFY, weighing 69 grams. You can choose one color from the four on offer, namely white, black, grey and blue. Black is the cheapest option available. The XTRFY M4 RGB has a double braided wire that is drag resistant, and it also has an adjustable resolution of up to 16000 dpi with a quick response time of 1 millisecond. You can change the brightness and lighting effects using its RGB technology.

Users complain about the low quality of its cable however, which can cause the frequent disconnection of the mouse. Also, the side buttons are not reprogrammable.

9) Cooler Master MM710

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Cooler Master MM710 mouse with holes

The Cooler Master MM710 is an older version of the MM711 honeycomb gaming mouse, but is perfect for those on a budget, making it one of the cheapest honeycomb gaming mice for sale. It is available in black only, with both matte and glossy coating options. The weight of both models is just 53 grams, and we love the ultraweave cable for drag resistance. It has a maximum 16000 dpi resolution with a quick response time of 1 millisecond. It is a great quality mouse with holes that reduces the likelihood of your hands sweating.

One problem is that you may struggle to make best use of the mouse if the resolution setting is slightly off.

10) Glorious Model O Honeycomb Mice Range

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Glorious Model O Gaming Mice Range

The Glorious Model O is available in matte and shiny coatings with black and white color options. The matte-coated mouse weighs 58 grams, while the glossy model weighing 59 grams. Its double braided cable is lightweight and resists drag. It has a maximum resolution of 12000 dpi with 6-steps, and a response time of 1 millisecond. The Glorious Model O is lighter than the D model.

People with smaller hands may find it difficult to use this honeycomb mouse, as it is designed for those with medium to larger hands.

Summing Up

Playing PC games is a fun thing to do for prolonged periods of time, but only if you have the the right equipment to do so. For an amazing gaming experience, you need to have a good mouse. A honeycomb mouse is an invaluable asset, and is an investment in your gaming experience, so make sure you make the right choice!

Last Updated: September 16, 2021

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