If 3 million gamers download the Warfighter beta, things will happen

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EA has released a special Medal of Honor: Warfighter announcement that is very special. If 3 million gamers download their Warfighter beta, Linkin Park will premiere their new music video for “Castle of Glass”.

So, I watch the announcement trailer and I’m like, yeah let’s try le MoH beta, it might be awesome and I follow the link provided and then behold! It’s only available on Xbox 360… why… isn’t that awesome, since I don’t actually own one. So here’s what I think EA thinks, and I’m just spit balling here.

Xbox looks to be a more noob friendly platform to lure new gamers to, in specific, Linkin Park fans and so let’s make this exclusive to Xbox because maybe we have some kind of deal with Microsoft and well, PC and PS3 can just wait, because we don’t actually care about those gamers who’ve been die hard MoH supporters right now, at this moment.

This is really unfortunate. Logically, would it not be easier to get 3 million gamers to download the beta across all platforms? Probably, so while the rest of us are being given the finger, here are the beta details and the announcement trailer.

MoH Beta FAQ – as per official MoH site

What is unavailable in the beta?

Answer: The Medal of Honor Warfighter beta will feature multiplayer action with all 12 units and 6 classes available. Full weapon unlocks will be available for the Assaulter class.

When is the beta?

Answer: The Medal of Honor Warfighter beta will be available starting October 5th on the Xbox 360. The beta should be available worldwide in the Xbox Live Marketplace by 9:00 AM PST.

When will the beta end?

Answer: The Medal of Honor Warfighter beta ends at 12:01 AM PST on October 15th.

What localized versions of the game are being offered?

Answer: The beta will be available in English, German, and French.

Will the progression and stats from the beta carry over into the live game?

Answer: No, all progression in the beta will be reset before launch.

On what platforms will the beta be available?

Answer: The beta will be available only on the Xbox 360.

Last Updated: October 5, 2012

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