In Other News – 01 August 2012

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It seems that the Bone Thugz in Harmony were right after all, for it most certainly is the first of the month. The prophecy has come true! What other forecasts are being hidden in my album collection? Tell me Limp Bizkit, when will the stuff be broken?! I demand answers to the exact date that Beezleboss shall arrive to claim our souls, Tenacious D! And as for you, AC/DC, I will discover who is shooting to thrill, one way or another!

In Other News: James Bond returns from the dead, Ryu gets gimped, China hosts a PS Vita rip-off, SOCOM will never die, hoarders attack, robots get flesh and kung fu gets a dose of steampunk.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post, because after yet another power cut last night that lasted for far too long, I had to go and restock my supplies of candles and tins of baked beans.


Street Fighter X Tekken patch nerfs Ryu, but gems stay put
No Wii U version of WWE 13 planned, says THQ exec
Left 4 Dead Cold Stream DLC release date confirmed
Minecraft creator believes that Windows 8 could hurt indies if platform isn’t open
Yoshida on SOCOM – We never retire any franchise
PS Vita rip-off appears at Chinas biggest gaming expo
Steams midweek madness sale is every summer indie bundle, for cheap
Now this is how you get people to work for your video game company


The ten most frustrating moments in gaming
The future of 2D Mario
Seven underrated PS3 shooters that deserve to sell more
Beware the Hoarder


War of the Roses – Ranged trailer
Tekken Tag Tournament 2 – Fight lab trailer
Deadlight – Launch trailer

Across the Networks

Guilty Pleasures – Spawn
The Dark Knight Returns as a badass old man in this first trailer
So what did Bane sound like originally in The Dark Knight Rises?
Jason Statham and James Franco are going to the Homefront
Hugh Jackman gets some orders to kill from Lee Daniels
Midweek mouth-off – Supes war 2012
It’s steampunk kung fu in this trailer and character posters for Tai Chi
Enjoy death in this first full Skyfall trailer
Say goodbye to Hotmail, hello to
Robots will soon feel, thanks to some hairy skin
Cherish that pregannacy with a 3D print of your foetus
A standing electric trike is the only way to travel recklessly

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Last Updated: August 1, 2012

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