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In Other News – 05 December 2012

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Christmas is coming, and I need to get some gift-shopping done! What to buy the gang? A console for Yolanda? Some imported whisky for the boss? A new set of lightsabers for Garth? The antidote for Geoff? Decisions, decisions…

In Other News: Halo 4 is so purdy, so is Pikmin 3, a scumbag in Planetside 2, Planescape teases a sequel, Dishonored makes choking awesome, the Man of Steel goes big and Rayman gets welcomed to the jungle.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post today, because we were too busy putting out hits on other people we don’t like based on their height and oh crap…


Pikmin 3 looks glorious on Wii U
Planescape Torment writer ponders sequel
Dragonborn adds Skyrim’s toughest enemy yet
Resident Evil 6 multiplayer dlc drops December 18, Xbox gets it first
Dishonored patch 1.2 makes choking more reliable
Mass Effect 3 has a high potential for tears with it’s next story-based DLC
Scumbag Planetside 2 cheater named and shamed by SOE
Hitman Absolution crash fix patch coming next week


Halo 4 is a lot of things, but beautiful? Sure, why not
Are deadlines ruining gaming?
This years biggest shooters remind me why multiplayer unlocks suck
Why Jonathan Jones is wrong about games not being art


Screwattack Video Game Vault – Home Alone
Rayman Jungle Run – Launch trailer
Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 – Gameplay teaser

Across the Network

And the winners of the Dark Knight trilogy boxset are…
This trailer for Storage 24 fell off the back of a plane!
Grab your chance at the big time with the Jameson First Shot competition
Will Rise of the Guardians spell trouble for Dreamworks animation?
Prepare to be entangled with the trailer and poster for Upstream colour
Midweek Mouth Off – Time to get animated
Guillermo Del Toro is already working on a sequel for Pacific Rim
Christopher Nolan talks Man of Steel, calls it the biggest possible movie version of Superman

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Last Updated: December 5, 2012

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