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In Other News – 07 November 2012

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Did you know that birds need gravity to swallow? Or that rabbits like liquorice? Did you know that ‘Topolino’ is the name for Mickey Mouse in Italy, bears have 42 teeth and that 8% of people have an extra rib? Did you know that I just read this crap off a Chappies paper in order to fill some space up today?

In Other News: Chaos gets a sequel, Far Cry 3 gets some gold, the effect of Halo, the Kimgpin has been shut down, Gabe Newell receives an ironic gift for his birthday and Mickey gets epic on your dashboard.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post today, because we were too busy using four fingers at the same time…On Curiosity.


GTA V will sell 25 million units in first year, analyst predicts
New DayZ bounty mode will pay you for kills
Curiosity Day One – 97 million cubes destroyed, 157382 players registered
Far Cry 3 goes gold
Julian Gollops Chaos sequel campaign and multiplayer detailed
How the Wii U will handle comments
Epic Mickey 2 demo out now on PSN and XBLM
Kids visit Gabe Newell for his birthday, give him DLC as a present


Halo 4’s Cortana could have looked a little crazier
The fittest birds in gaming
What could work and fail miserably on an Xbox tablet
The Halo effect


DmC – Art style interview
Halo 4 – Multiplayer trailer
Little Big Planet Karting – Launch trailer

Across the Networks

I didn’t ask for this – Behold the most advanced prosthetic arm to date
The new Megaupload site has already been shut down
Guilty Pleasures – Admission of guilt
This trailer for Escape from Planet Earth will freeze your brain
Gemma Arterton and Sherlock will be up for Absolutely Anything
Watch Pixxar’s La Luna short in full, right now
Release date and cover for revealed for The Dark Knight Rises Part 2
Midweek Mouth Off – In a galaxy far, far away…
Edgar Wright’s The World’s End to be a zombie musical?
Fighting makes Harry Potter horny in these set pics for Horns

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Last Updated: November 7, 2012

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