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In Other News – 10 September 2012

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You ever have a piece of hardware, that you would just like to take a cricket bat to, and just annihilate it from this earthly existence, in order to ease the anger that it has caused you? I’m like that right now, as my mouse has been jumping around all day, making my workload rather annoying and frustrating. So I’m going to go look for a new mouse this month, and when I get it, the old one is going to be hit harder than the Greek economy, with my bailout bat.

In Other News: New pictures of not naked Xenomorphs, EA gets Dishonored, EA also almost gets a Valve, from idea to beta in middle management, 25 years of Sam and Max and Thor might need a Strange doctor.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post today, because we were too busy discovering that the devil has magnetic induction.


Halo 4 – Promethean enemy class revealed and detailed
EA sought to acquire Valve for $1 billion
Dishonored dev sick of sequels, responds to EA’s new IP warning
New Aliens: Colonial Marines screenshots arrive
Middle Manager of Justice accidentally launches, becomes a beta test
Sleeping Dogs almost looks better in first person mode
Vita homebrew hack won’t allow users to pirate retail games
City of heroes protest takes its case to city hall


Pitfall creator likesn his fame to being like a child star
Good controls can go a long way
25 years of Sam and Max
The next step of open world games


Borderlands 2 – Robot slaughter walkthrough
Forza Horizon – Developer diary
Hitman Absolution – Blake Dexter file trailer

Across the Networks

Is that a very expensive camera in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me
Who wants to see a remote controlled cockroach?
Rumour – A Windows 8 Nook may be on the way
Take a closer look at Mega City One with this Dredd concept art
Robert De Niro is bringing a good shepherd to Showtime
Monday Box Office Report
Is JJ Abrams’ Star Trek sequel headed for some darkness?
James Cameron talks Avatar 4, more details on Battle Angel Alita
Daniel Craig will be Bond for at least two more movies
Rumour – Is Doctor Strange going to appear in Thor: The Dark World?
These 20 new pics for The Hobbit will let you meet Legolas dad and maybe even discover the finale of the first film

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Last Updated: September 10, 2012

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