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In Other News – 18 February 2014

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Emma Glover

On this day in history, February 18, someone famous was born. Probably? I never paid attention during history class, unless it involved war atrocities and reading my textbook, Cooking with Idi-Amin. Anyone up for a fresh leg of Larry?

In Other News: La Maluna 2 kick starts in time, Atlus is doing damn well, Ryse again at the end of February and Skyrim weddings are the best.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post today, because we were too busy ruining the SBAC with good ideas.


Sega will split Index corporation, Atlus USA will form on April 1
Tales of Asteria announced for iOS, Android devices
Skylanders franchise toys to be a staggered release
Dear Esther devs ditch Source for Unity after an unpleasant surprise
Valve rejects claims that it receives players browsing history
Pop-up adventure Tengami is out this week for iOS
New Ryse DLC out February 28
La Maluna 2 meets Kickstarter goals


Skyrim weddings are the best weddings
When a modder tries to make his own game
Still Playing: Resogun – forget saving the humans, Housemarque’s PS4 shooter is about high scores
How player interaction makes DayZ a fascinating social experiment


Unreal Engine 4 – Visual effects part 3
Earth Defense Force 2025 – Single-player gameplay
Earth Defense Force 2025 – Multiplayer gameplay

What’s on at The Movies

There is no out in this trailer for Bad Country
Do what needs to be done in the new trailer for Locke
Look at how Avengers: Age of Ultron destroyed downtown Jozi
Guardians of the Galaxy debuts new photos ahead of the trailer
You will know that debt has been paid in this season four trailer for Game of Thrones

Model: Emma Glover

Last Updated: February 18, 2014

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