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In Other News – 19 December 2012

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Curse you ice cream man! You think you’re all that and some sprinkles, don’t you? Riding past my place jingling that damn bell, and then vanishing the second I step through that door with a lust for CHOCOLATE! Mark my words, I will find you, and I will buy a King Cone before this day is over!

In Other News: Mechwarrior is huge with updates, Rage gets scorched, Newerth gets hacked, Dark Souls has some shiny new bells and whistles and we ask why killing in games is so damn entertaining.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post today, because we were too busy laying traps bought from the ACME warehouse to catch that damn ice cream man.


Mechwarrior Online Conquest mode update is massive
Monster Hunter 4 delayed
Rage: The Scorchers DLC is out today
Uncharted 3 multiplayer gets free Christmas gift goodies
Hacker breaks into Heroes of Newerth, targets League of Legends next
Dark Souls 2 set in a new time period, runs on new engine
Fans rage over War Z’s misleading Steam description, devs claim that 93% of customers like the game
Wii U publishers can set play limits on game demos


2012 was like Skyrim, but with games
Final Fantasy – The 25th anniversary of a game that wrote video game culture history
Why we kill – What makes us find video game violence so entertaining?
Hey Square Enix, where the hell is Bravely Default?


Woodcutter Simulator – 2013 debut trailer
Ravensword 2 – iOS trailer
Mechwarrior Online – Twin Dragon trailer

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And the winner of the Ted DVD is…
Jason Statham always follows through in this new international trailer for Parker
Move over Pacific Rim, here comes Gaiking!
Steve Carrell looks magical in these first official pictures fo The Amazing Burt Wonderstone
Director Joseph Kosinski talks Tron Legacy
Midweek Mouth Off 0 Your favourite festive film
The red band trailer for John Dies at the end has us facing the unimaginable
Here’s your 2012 black list of unproduced screenplays

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