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In Other News – 19 June 2012

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I want you to picture this scene. I’ve got a brand new copy of Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, have gone man to plastic cover with the indomitable wrapping, installed it and have activated my online code.

I’ve got my chair ready, a warm cup of tea and a fully charged controller. As I start to play, with the clichéd exploding truck signalling the time for action, and then…! The power trips in my grid. Thanks Eskom, I’m really glad that the 41% tariff increase is going to keep that stellar service running.

In Other News: Dragons are more popular than ghosts, Rage looks set to be scorched, we celebrate immaturity, Liam Neeson has used a specific set of skills to make a movie poster and Microsoft scratches the surface.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post, because we were too busy throwing steel chairs.


THQ is going to be a little less cavalier in the future
Looks like Rage is getting some scorching DLC inbound
The worlds first hardcore inferno Diablo 3 kill has happened
Chinese giant acquires a minority stake in Epic Games
Metal Gear Rising Revengeance to feature a new playable character in DLC
Nebula Studios announces Ninja Exorcist
Dragons Dogma outsells Ghost Recon on the PS3
Alienware: "PC Gaming is the future"


Does Assassin’s Creed need a break?
There’s no crying in games. Or is there?
Top 5 military games of all time
Lollipop Chainsaw is immature. So what?


Civilization V – Launch trailer
Quantum Conundrum – Fun with gravity
Borderlands 2 – Commando gameplay

Across the Networks

New Ninja Turtles movie will have martial arts like Fist of Legend and The Raid in it
Ster Kinekor is about to enter the digital age
Liam Neeson is contemplating how to put his particular set of skills to use in this first poster for Taken 2
Is Loki going to rule all of Soho?
Don’t eject this NSFW red band trailer and poster for V/H/S!
Feel the Dredd in these new set photos
Timur Bekmembatov talks about a shocking Wanted sequel
Hans Zimmer to score the Man of Steel
Is Ubisoft working on a Watch Dogs movie?
Nobody is Expendable in this trailer for Soldiers of Fortune! Except for Sean Bean, maybe
Get gigs on time with this BMW drum ‘n bike solo
You’ll need algae domes to survive the future
Hyindai and the creator of the Walking Dead have designed a Zombie-proof car
Microsoft prepares to scratch the Surface with their new tablet

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Last Updated: June 19, 2012

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