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In Other News – 20 June 2012

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Lollipop Chainsaw comes out on Friday. Which means that we are legally required to have at least one cheerleader image this week. So courtesy of Andre V, we have several. Remember, keep sending those submissions in to gavin@lazygamer.net!

We couldn’t just choose one today, so go team go!

In Other News: Pink hair cavemen return, Tetris sets a judicial precedent, we wear Minecraft on our feet, we get angry with the Dark Knight and the ultimate gun ever made makes an appearance.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post, because we were late for a machete fight.


Ubisoft to release a new IP every year
THQ ditches Saints Row 3 DLC plans, focuses on Saints Row 4 for 2013
John Carmack not all that excited by next-gen hardware
Seth Killian says goodbye to Capcom
Tomba! Now on the Playstation Network
Judge rules in favour of Tetris over cloning dispute
Wear Minecraft creepers on your feet
Platinum in the dark over the Anarchy Reigns delay


Five things that next-gen actually needs
Are you a digital hoarder?
The 30 greatest Nintendo villains
Gamers need a Bill of Rights


Planetside 2 – Ground Assault Trailer
WWE 13 – Mike Tyson trailer
Renaissance Heroes – Seize the scroll

Across the Networks

Guilty Pleasures – Titan AE
Jim Carrey exits Dumb and Dumber To
Paul Verhoeven is a naughty boy with his upcoming take on a Jesus film
Fire some blanks at Olivia Munn in this NSFW Babymakers Red Band trailer
Incinerate the bad people with this new Transformers 4 poster and details
Midweek Mouth Off – Are you a rewatcher?
Just watch something that is true in this second teaser for the Master
Could Breaking Bad be a movie?
Don’t be afraid, be angry with the latest Dark Knight Rises trailer
Internet Explorer says no during Surface presentation
Ever wondered why 419 scams are so badly written?
Keep your arms inside the ride with the LumaHelm
When the end of days arrives, you’ll want this rifle by your side

Model: Jaime Edmonson (Thanks to Playboy!)

Last Updated: June 20, 2012

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