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In Other News – 21 August 2012

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No, we’re not trolling you guys again, well not intentionally at least. We’re saying happy birthday to one of our regular readers, TechniKyle, who happens to be responsible for my email inbox regularly having pictures of half-naked men inside of it. Happy level up day to you buddy!

In Other News: The Vita goes classic, gaming shops go bye bye, the torment of Planescape reimagined, some green pigs today, a nemesis revealed and we nuke our armpits.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post today, because Gazza_N was schooling me in the fine art of using Vanquish skills to retrieve precious games of mine.


Warhammer Quest headed to iOS in 2013
Riot games reclaims League of Legends domain name from adult site
Planescape Torment – This is what a spiritual successor would look like
Metal Gear Rising PC port to be considered after the game launches on console
An arcade cabinet that looks as good as it plays
Games retail will be gone in ten years, says EA exec
Green Day and Angry Birds might be the most awkward pairing in history
Over 100 PS One classics will be playable on the Vita next week


Real rage in gaming
Criterion is setting an example to all Vita developers
8 Playstation jobs worse than yours
Rockstar is confident that only 19% of GTA 5 players will commit murder


Pokémon vs Zombies
WWE 13 – Final roster trailer
Screwattack video game vault – Sparkster: Rocket Knight 2

Across the Networks

Want to gag with the Avengers?
Todd Phillips is going from a Hangover to a Gambler in his next film
Is Paramount building a Tom Clancy universe with Chris Pine, Kevin Costner and Tom Hardy?
So Bruce Campbell really likes the Evil Dead remake…groovy
Jim Carrey in Kick Ass 2? All righty then!
Ken Watanabe shall be Unforgiven
The Dark Tower collapses at Warner Bros
Mark Millar confirms that Joe Carnahan has a Nemesis
Happy birthday Voyager 2!
Say goodbye to your sweat glands with this arm pit microwave device!
Finally, a real hover-bike!

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Last Updated: August 21, 2012

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