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In Other News – 26 March 2012

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You know that feeling you get when you anger up the blood of a heavyweight boxer and he decides to revenge the hell out of your precious stomach organs? That’s how I feel right now, and although I can’t say for certain what it is exactly that has me feeling so ill, I’ll just have to mull over the possibilities while I enjoy some more delicious leftover oysters from yesterday.

In Other News: Forza gets patched up, a street fighter collapses and why even Hitler hates the Mass Effect 3 ending.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post because these damn oysters were not solving my current gastric woes.


Mass Effect 3 fans will protest against Bioware…With cupcakes
Mega Man creator says that Japanese developers lack a creative vision
Forza 4 to receive a BIG patch
Is a Xbox lite arriving next year, with a successor in 2014?
Arkane Studios believes that next-gen stealth games need to create a better player awareness and perception
Nintendo 3DS delivers its first birthday surprise
Street Fighter producer collapses from exhaustion, is raced to hospital


Top ten reasons to hate the habits of online gamers
Top ten most wanted 3DS games of 2012
Are Western games ruining Japanese games?
Even Hitler hates the ending of Mass Effect 3


Darksiders 2 – Dungeons and exploration interview
The Witcher 2 developer diary – Cinematics
Pop Fiction – Cheetahmen 2

Across the Networks

Four April fools pranks for the technologically minded
Forget pencils or oil paints, the future of art is light painting!
If you buy this camera, you may be an absolute moron
Thomas Mann shall be king of the dorks!
The Expendables 3 may start shooting this year
Monday Box Office report – The Hunger Games consumes all rivals, undercover cops are still in for 21 jumps
The Bioshock movie just lost ANOTHER director
Could Chloe Moretz be the next Carrie?
The Hunger Games devours the US box office with the third biggest US opening ever
We review – Tinker, tailor, soldier, spy – A taut and well acted anti-Bond

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Last Updated: March 26, 2012

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