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In Other News – August 5, 2011 – Weekend Edition

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So this week, one of our awesome readers that many of you may know as @Uncl3s on Twitter recommended (EDIT: It was actually @Grant_ZA that did the original suggestion) a certain very hot local woman from his past (kinky) for the ION header. More and more people got involved, and before we knew it, it sounded like we were going to have a bunch of dudes posing in Borat leotards.

Thankfully, the very lovely Rikki Brest (I know, best surname ever right?) agreed to be in the image instead. Not only is she good lookin’, but she has some other talents too including being the drummer for Chix with Stix and being an actress in those movie-film-things. All her details (and photos of course) can be found on her website www.rikkibrest.com.

In Other News (Holy heck there’s a lot today…): Weekly round-up, Tons of Battlefield 3 info, Info on Bungie’s new game, Why Sony pumps out exclusives so often, An Awesome Mortal Kombat casting call, Female Shepard and the hypocrites, Catherine Cosplay and loads more to keep you busy for the weekend.

Here’s the news we didn’t post because we were all trying on our neon leotards in the office, much to the dismay of the locals.

This Week on Lazygamer:

The Evopoints.co.za Downloads Of The Week – 05/08
Flamebait Friday Debate: Has The PS Move Come To A Standstill?
Might and Magic Heroes VI Hands-on Preview
Magic: the Gathering Devour for Power Commander deck review – Feasting on Corpses
F.E.A.R 3 Review – Alma Mater
From Dust Review – This dust won’t settle
Red Faction Armageddon review – Red rover red rover, can aliens come over?
Interview: Jonah Lomu Rugby Challenge
Rugby Challenge-More info and hands on


How Sony Keeps Pumping Out PS3 Exclusives
New Bungie game code-named Tiger, logo confirmed
Play Supported PS3 Games On MAX 1080i or 1080p Resolution
Insomniac Games Confirms 3DTV Bundle Change
Sony’s Lucky Seven: The Seven American Development Studios They Own
EA unveils Battlefield 3 Limited Edition and North American pre-order bonus items
Battlefield 3 Customization Teased
Detailing pre-order items for Battlefield 3
Gears of War 3 Gets $20 Discount, Tops Pre-Order Charts
PC Shooter Hard Reset ‘Too Heavy To Run On Five-Year-Old Consoles’ – Dev
343: Halo Anniversary not a “test or training wheels” for new studio
FIFA 12 PC has ‘identical’ gameplay to console editions
Notch: Minecraft Xbox 360 beta likely
SCEE Published PS3 Games Offline Tomorrow For Maintenance


Five Games That Will Keep You on The Edge of Your Seat
New Borderlands 2 Artwork Revealed
Mass Effect 3: FemShep and the Hypocrites
Top 10 Video Game Teams
Mortal Kombat Movie: Fan’s Casting Call


The best Battlefield 3 destruction videos
Resistance 3 Beta Review

Header: Rikki Brest – Photograph by Justin Lee Photography

Last Updated: August 5, 2011

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