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In Other News – 23 January 2013

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Right now it is, I estimate, at least 300 degrees centigrade as I sit here. Honestly, I’m resting my fat, hairy ass here in little more than my underwear with a fan providing a slight breeze and yet – still -  a pool of sweat collects around my man-plums. I’d wipe it down, but the lady here at Mugg and Bean says she won’t give me any more napkins.

In Other News: EA are a bunch of tricksters, Dante dresses up, Killer is Dead is alive, real life Juri will kick your behind and video games lie about women.

Here’s the news we didn’t post because we were too busy burning bras and trying to start a revolution.


Audojo is a twin stick iPad case on Kickstarter
American McGee retracts his ‘tricked’ remarks towards EA – Sort of
Namco Bandai serving up One Piece Pirate Warriors 2 this summer
Teenage murderer says he loves video games, NBC thinks that there is a  connection
ZombiU co-op left out due to time constraints
DmC Devil May Cry DLC costumes priced and dated
Wii U virtual console announcement hinted at by web code
Killer is dead details revealed by Suda 51, features Yakuza riding tigers


Juri will kick you in the face, and you’ll like it
10 lies video games tell us about women
The most important decision you’ll ever face playing Ni No Kuni
Your ending sucks


The Cave – Launch trailer
Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Revolution DLC – Replacer trailer
Dead or Alive 5 – Island trailer

Across the Network

Rumour – Jim Carrey or Adam Sandler may be a Guardian of the Galaxy
Simon Pegg wants you to write a thesis for The World’s End
Frank Darabont talks about Godzilla; Allegories, mascots and realism
This trailer for Brit Marling’s The End, is just the beginning
Two Face and Leonidas retake the White House in the trailer for Olympus has fallen
Midweek Mouth Off – Tarantino Time
We Review Les Miserables – Powerful but desperately in need of editing
Death Wish director Michael Winner has passed away

Model: Emily “Laser” Johnston

Last Updated: January 23, 2013

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