Indie Zoe: Raider of the Lost News (16 October 2014)

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Did you guys enjoy the craft beer on Saturday night? What could be more indie than talking about gaming while drinking craft beer around a roaring fire? Now I have another reason for you guys to be glad to be part of our community – an indie game is giving you some free goodies just for reading this site.

Warhammer 40,000: Space Wolf is a free-to-play mobile game launching in South Africa. It’s a squad-based turn-based strategy game with upgradable character and perks, plus collectible cards. It’s the first f2p Warhammer game and you can get a rare card and extra credits by using this in-game promo code: LGAMERSOFT. The code is only valid until the end of the month, so go redeem it and enjoy.

Gone Home developer has given a sneak peek at his next game, Where the Water Tastes Like Wine. it really is just a peek with some concept art and a name. This concept art doesn’t give us much to go on, either.

Water tastes like wine

I am probably a little too excited for Deathtrap, a new game from Neocore that is coming to Steam Early Access. It’s a tower defense game with action-RPG elements. Neocore is the studio behind the Van Helsing games I loved so much which included a tower defense element – it’s great to see them expanding this part into a separate game and I might just have to pick this up right away, even though I’m usually more wary of Early Access content.

The IndieCade Humble Weekly sale is offering some cool games for cheap, and Blink Bundle also has an interesting selection. Personally, I have to put all game buying on hold at the moment thanks to crazy review schedule and an obscene backlog, but there really are some special bundles out at the moment. And a Steam Sale imminent. How will I ever find enough time?

Finally, don’t worry – I definitely chatted to a whole bunch of indies at rAge. We will be bringing you a whole boatload of that coverage early next week, so prepare to hear all the awesome news about the local indie gaming seen soon.

Prototype of the Week

Do you have an Android device? Then you can play Jump on the Penguins! – join the beta test group and you can experience all the penguin jumping action your heart desires.

Jump on the penguins

Last Updated: October 16, 2014

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