Indie Zoe: Raider of the Lost News (21 August 2014)

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You guys missed this during Gamescom, didn’t you? At least I still had some awesome indie stuff in the form of meeting Mike Bithell, right? Anyway, here’s all the indie news you might have missed this week.

First up, here’s a new trailer for Raven’s Cry, an action-adventure game with RPG elements and all the pirates you can handle:

Save the Trees has launched on Android. It follows Orima (bad guy) and Arimo (good guy); Orima cuts down trees while Arimo waters them. It’s basically another tapping game for mobile gamers, but at least it teaches something good, right?

CounterSpy is out and across a range of platforms. I will be writing my review for it soon, but meanwhile, here’s a trailer about why the game is cool on PS3, Vita and PS4.

Over on Bundle Stars, the Titanium Bundle offers some serious indie value for a mere $5. With ten games including Guacamelee!, Kill Fun Yeah, Puddle and Super Lemonade Factory, these indies will be a gift to yourself when you find them in your backlog down the line.

Finally, the indie world is currently reeling from the Zoey Quinn scandal. I’ve been avoiding writing about it because at this point it has just become a garbled mess that’s impossible to make sense of. As far as I can grasp, Quinn was accused by an ex-boyfriend of sleeping with gaming journalists to get better reviews. She is also accused of releasing her “Depression Quest” game with a timing related to the suicide of Robin Williams. However, it has become a wild torrent of internet rage of feminism vs misogyny, hacking of accounts and all kinds of horrors that make the gaming industry look bad – I honestly can’t tell you what the whole story is anymore, if the accusations were true or what’s really going on, but it just seems like a giant mess.

Prototype of the Week

Not really sure what it is just yet, but Please Give is presenting itself as a begging simulator. I don’t know why, but I’m intrigued by this idea.

Last Updated: August 21, 2014

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