Indie Zoe: Raider of the Lost News (23 January 2014)

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Guess what guys – it’s almost the weekend. This weekend will be filled with braais and finishing the first Mass Effect. Then I need to decide if I play Witcher 2 on console, or hunt for Mass Effect 2. Decisions, decisions. Suppose I’ll fill the void with some much needed indie gaming time – what will you be playing?

First things first, a giant reminder to take part in the Global Game Jam in Joburg and Cape Town this weekend. You don’t need to be a game developer already – just come with ideas and work together with other people to make a game. It’s just that easy. Your game could even be selected to be featured elsewhere – it often happens and it’s a great way to make a splash on the indie scene.

Don’t Starve is a game I told you about last year when I fell in love with it, and Geoff also thoroughly enjoyed it on PS4. It seems we aren’t the only ones having fun killing spiders and making friends with pigs – over one million people were playing Don’t Starve even before the PS4 release. Imagine how many are playing now. Well done to Klei on making an awesome game – I also loved Mark of the Ninja, and I’m very excited for their next project, too.

Steam Greenlight may soon be a thing of the past, but that hasn’t stopped them from Greenlighting a bunch of new games. This includes that crazy and awesome game, Catlateral Damage, that Darryn told you about. Plenty of cool looking games on the list – I’m excited to see them released.

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Alright, enough of that, time for me to go back to play the Castle Doctrine. But first, a big thank you to Timster for the new header image – loving it!

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