Invade other players’ games in Resident Evil 6

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Yesterday, I said some nasty things about the latest entry in Capcom’s Resident Evil series. It got me lots of hate – but I’m sticking with my opinion for now. As somebody who’s played all the main  games in the series (including code veronica and Resident Evil 0), I’m not exactly thrilled with the all-out-action that the series seems to be aiming for. The game’s newly announced Agent Hunt Mode though, sounds pretty damned awesome.

It’ll allow your human friends to jump in to your single player game and accost you – playing as one of the game’s monsters. the best bit is that when you’re playing as a beasty, you’ll be doing so anonymously; the player will be alerted that a human has joined the game – but won’t know what creature form he or she will inhabit. Multiple players will be able to attack at once, using voice chat to strategise – and then ruin people’s single player games.

Before you go moaning about people ruining your single player games though, know that Agent Mode won’t be available from the onset; it’s something you unlock by completing the game. you’ll then be able to turn the feature on for replays. It’s a bit like Dark Souls – where random people could join your games and help or hinder your progress – mixed with Left 4 Dead, which allowed one team to play as the infected zombies, stuffed in with some Perfect Dark. As far as superfluous game modes go, this is one of which I approve.

I still think that Resident Evil 6 is shaping up to be the absolute worst game in the series – but it could still be fun.

Last Updated: August 1, 2012

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