IO Interactive claiming bad Kane & Lynch 2 reviews are purely down to people “not getting it”

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 Kane and Lynch

Kudo’s to IO Interactive for even talking about the Kane & Lynch 2 reviews after the debacle that surrounded the originals reviews.

However they haven’t entirely toned down the rhetoric as they have come out and stated that the low reviews are probably down to the reviewers just not getting it as the game has also received some fantastic reviews.

And you know what I actually agree with them. I had some hands on time with K&L2 at E3 this year and thoroughly enjoyed my time with it, however the handling was odd and I did feel a little sick after a while of bobbing up and down. On one side it allows you to immerse yourself into the game more and on the other side there is a high probability of redecorating your lounge after a long session.

I guess for me it’s akin to reviewing Cloverfield, in my mind that movie was an abomination that should never have made it to DVD never mind the fact it actually appeared in cinemas. However it was actually well received by many critics.

The crux of this little speech, it can be possible that people just don’t get games and review them negatively for that. However using that as an excuse is pretty lame, just take it on the chin and move on the game received great scores from other people.

My rant was inspired by Jim’s original rant over at Destructoid, check it out for the other side of the coin.

Last Updated: October 5, 2010

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