IO Interactive hanging up the red tie after Hitman: Absolution

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We’re finally getting a new Hitman, in the form of Absolution, from Danish series creators IO Interactive. It’s what they’re best known for – though they did take a break from the series to give us -ugh-  well conceived but poorly executed Kane and Lynch. It looks like they’ll be taking a break from the hairless Hitman after wrapping up with Absolution though – and bringing something new.

“When people work on the same IP for some time, I believe that there’s a sort of creative drain,” studio head Niels Sorensen said to Gamasutra. “Thankfully we managed to make sure we keep focusing on different IPs and keeping people fresh.”

“We’ve built an incubation department whose focus is work on new IP and prototypes, and all sorts of things for existing and new IP,” he added. “And that’s a really interesting sort of secret place where they cook up a lot of new things.”So we’ll be getting some new IP from Io. Let’s hope it;s a little more Freedom Fighters and a lot less Kane & Lynch.

All this doesn’t mean that Hitman has been assassinated himself; Square Enix’s new Montreal Studio will be taking the reigns of the franchise, with a little help from IO.

Last Updated: December 1, 2011

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