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Is Capcom releasing another version of MvC3?

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It’s just days before the premier fighting game tournament, Evo, kicks off – and there are rumours floating about that Capcom will take the opportunity to reveal a new fighting game. Well, not entirely new – more of a reworked version of a fighting game they’ve already done…which really is just a Capcom thing to do. According to said rumour, there’s a new version of Marvel vs Capcom 3 coming.

Here’s what’s might be coming in Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3: uncanny Edition:

  • Four new characters:  Mega Man,Cyclops, Servbot and Ant- Man
  • Two new modes: Survival, Time Attack
  • No Hud changes
  • Features from the PS Vita version of Ultimate Marvel Versus Capcom 3
  • New moves and outfits for certain characters
  • Character balancing

Apparently it’ll be available as DLC for UMvC3 for $15 next month – and as a disc release in September. Even though it’s Capcom…I don’t really buy it. For one, the source of all this seems to be a Twitter account, which varies between being really specific, to completely nondescript. Capcom’s also pledged to do way with all this overwrought DLC nonsense.

So yeah, it’s probably happening.

Last Updated: July 5, 2012

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