Is The Witcher 3 going to be be a disappointment?

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As I’ve been saying for just about ever, The Witcher 3 is sitting pretty, right at the very top of the increasingly large pile of game’s I’m terribly excited for. It’s been delayed once or twice now, and will finally be upon us in February next year, a week or so before my Birthday, if you had any gifts in mind. According to a random person on the internet though, those of us eagerly awaiting the second coming in RPG form might be setting ourselves up for disappointment.

According to Anaxymenes on neoGAF an apparent CD Projekt Red Insider, the game has been in a bit of a development nightmare for ages now – mostly a result of PR promising the moon, when the developers are able to deliver just a slice of cheese.

In a thread about the new screenshots we showed last week, user Anaxymenes said this:

it looks like many gaffers are painting CDP as some magical dev studio with only the best of interests of the gamers in mind. Trust me they are not. The bullshitting with the Witcher 3 started from day 1. PR is creating an overblown vision of a game that doesn’t exist while the team is in crazy crunch time for over a year now. There’s some bad shit going on that if GAF knew GAF would not like.

He went on to say

Well in the end it’s my words vs CDP PR. I mean why should You belive my if I have no solid evidence to show? But that’s kind of my point, CDP build a very good realationship with gamers and now it’s paying off as oppose to say EA. I do have inside knowledge, I did have contact with the game but again NDA and such plus I’m just a dude on the internet. my only point is that GAF should take everything CDP says with a grain of salt. EDIT: Just to some up my messy line of thinking – don’t preorder tha game (especially on consols) wait for the reviews, then decide or don’t pay attention to a random dude on the internet and do what you want with your money.

Now usually, this sort of insane rambling is the sort of stuff it would be best to ignore. It’s all usually some sort of posturing for attention-grabbing’s sake, which is exactly what the famed forums’ users said. neoGAF doesn’t take too kindly to people coming about and spreading unfounded “tales from their ass,” but his authenticity was verified by an admin.

Good morning. Anaxymenes has been vetted and cleared. Thanks.

That means that the user in question has been confirmed to possess inside knowledge of some sort regarding CD Projekt RED or The Witcher 3 in some capacity.

I’ve seen the game running with my own eyeballs a number of times, and it looks incredible. Personally, I have every faith that it’ll deliver upon most, if not all of its promises.

That said, all of my viewings have been in a controlled environment. The Witcher 3 is also far more ambitious than anything CDPR has put out to date – let’s just hope that its ambition doesn’t get the better of them.

Last Updated: October 6, 2014

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