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It takes 12 minutes to show off XCOM 2’s new mobile HQ

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XCOM has always had a bunch of gameplay features that make it fun and unique to each player. Sure, customizing your squad and how you approach any given mission will make your gameplay story different, but how you choose to upgrade your base is also a key part of the experience. The all new base in XCOM 2 goes over the top.

Alessandro got to see XCOM 2’s all new base, Avenger, when he was in Germany, and he told us all about it. Of course, we can’t believe what he says, right? Well, now you can watch the same video he had to fly to Europe to see, all from the comfort of your own home/desk chair/loo. Here are 12 minutes of details about the all new upgradeable mobile HQ:

The base is looking so slick. I love the art direction for XCOM 2, it feels somewhat familiar while being alien and unique. Plus it’s just gorgeous. As usual, players can choose how to upgrade the base and allocate resources and personnel. How you customize your base will end up changing your gameplay options, which will change your entire experience of the game. Yeah, this layer of strategy is pretty important, and rather exciting to see.

I adore base upgrading in games, it’s usually one of my favorite things in any game that has it. However, it really does trigger my OCD; I want to get all the upgrades, and find all the things and people that can improve my base. Now do you see why I need them to make more Suikoden?

Last Updated: August 21, 2015

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