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Ryan McLaren

As a country, there aren’t many sports that have a dominating South African presence. Our best minibus taxis were kicked out of Formula 1 for aggressive overtaking manoeuvres and charging Jensen Button a ridiculously low fare to get back to the pits after he spun out at one race, while our Olympic teams are usually crushed underneath the weight of the small army that the USA brings to that event. One sport where we do have an ass-kicking team however? Cricket. And it’s time to play ball.

We’ve got a Superbru pool running right now, where you can make your own predictions as to who will win or choke like a cheap Hollywood celebirty looking to get a quick sexual thrill in. Need an incentive to do so? Well we’ve got some prizes up for grabs to the participants who score the most points in our Superbru group:

  • 1 x Ryan McLaren Protea signed shirt and a copy of Don Bradman Cricket game
  • 1 x Knight shirt – signed by the whole team and a copy of Don Bradman Cricket game
  • 1 x Knight shirt, unsigned and a copy of Don Bradman Cricket game

I’m backing Australia this year, because I’m a horrible person who kicks puppies for fun and thinks that the Ozzies have the best catchphrase around when it comes to sports. Ozzie Ozzie Ozzie, oy oy oy! All winners will receive the Don Bradman cricket game on a platform of their choice. Howzat for a cool prize? Big thanks to Megarom Interactive for providing the prizes.

Last Updated: February 6, 2015

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